Crazy Golf Antics...

I would love to share with you such a fun day that I had last Saturday at such an amazing place tucked away in London that I knew absolutely nothing about.

Before I went home for reading week, I asked Meg if she wanted to come into London with me, we had no idea what to do at all but decided we were well in need of a 'holmeg adventure'. After a bit of googling, Meg found a place we had never heard of called 'Swingers'.

A crazy golf venue with a twist! Swingers is situated right at the foot of the Gherkin. Home to two fun and quirky 9-hole crazy golf courses, there's also five cocktail bars, 3 food places, a gin terrace and night- DJ's. I can honestly say it is one of the most fun places I have been to!

Me and Meg hadn't pre-booked tickets, and they were all sold out online. The site instructed us that they would sell tickets inside the venue at 6pm on the dot, but advised we got there early as Saturday nights are predicted to be busy. We arrived at 4:45 pm and the man on the front desk told us to go and get a drink and get in the queue.

The thought of standing in the queue for a whole hour and making one drink last was beyond me, but we had no choice. As we were the second group in the queue we were so happy when we heard them announce at 10 past 5 that there was a space for 2 people, so we jumped at the chance of getting in 50 minutes earlier than planned!

One of the ladies who worked there said since opening in the summer, the business hasn't died down at all for them. Once you're inside it is completely understandable why they are busy all the time!

Here are some pictures that I took of the venue!

I love how quirky and different this place is to any other crazy golf course I have been to! The added features such as being able to order drinks while you are playing golf and the 10th hole bar (pictured above) are things that make it so much more fun and enjoyable! 

To warn anyone thinking of going, the drinks are expensive (approx. £10 a cocktail) but they are worth it. I love the fact that they have such different names and recipes, rather than your average 'sex on the beach' or 'pina colada'. We also got an amazing burger there from a place called 'Patty and Bun'. I can not even explain how nice that burger was. 

I'd wholeheartedly advise anyone to pay a visit to this venue. It is perfect for anything from couples to big groups of friends. I would also suggest pre-booking tickets in order to enjoy the venue as much as possible. 

After leaving Swingers we went for a drink in a nearby bar called Steam and Rye. This place was so interesting as it was nowhere like I had ever been before. A cabaret/American/Bugsy Malone style bar is the best way I can explain it (random I know). We weren't in there for too long before we tackled the long journey back to university but the drinks we had were pretty cool.

Another fun day in London, if you can't tell by now I love my London days...

Holly xx


  1. Love it Hol! You'll definitely have to take me soon! Great pictures too xx

    Izzie /

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