Ride or Die Makeup Tag!

The wonderful Jaclyn Hill created 'The Ride or Die Makeup Tag' on her Youtube channel back in August. Now, whilst I don't have a Youtube channel, I decided to turn her tag into a blog post!

Essentially, the meaning of the tag is in the title! I'm not going to describe why I love every item because I have probably talked about them a million times.

 If I could only take one item from each makeup category to a desert island- this is what I'd be taking. Have fun flicking through my ride or dies...are they the same as any of yours?!

Rimmel Match Perfection- Fix and Perfect Primer- £6.99:



April started well for me! On April 1st (the Saturday before last) me and some of my blogger friends that I know from "home home" (Luton)- Danie, Paige and Courtney had a really good day out at a blogging event at The Camden Collective in London. Danie actually vlogged the day, which you can watch here!

We went to The Bloggers Market, an event hosted by well known bloggers (such as Zoe London and Liv Purvis) where they sold amazing pieces in their wardrobes and makeup collections for a fraction of their RRP's!

After spending ages looking round all the stalls I didn't end up buying anything, but I wish I did! Danie found some absolute style steals! She managed to bag a brand new Boohoo dress for £1 ...!!

My favourite stand was the SugarSin one! Anyone who knows me well will know I am a sucker for anything sweet, so this was just my kind of thing. The bag of SugarSin sweets kept me well and truly content on my journey home later that day.

After this we went to Nandos and looked around the shops. Our Oxford Street Primark visit turned out to be an absolute nightmare due to it being severely crammed everywhere you turned! However I picked up a gorgeous rose gold diamante choker for £2.50!

The day was amazing and it was lovely to be with girls who enjoy such similar things to myself. They are all lovely and genuine and have amazing channels and social media outlets which I will leave linked at the bottom.

Where to find the girls:


Holly xx

Collective Beauty Haul!!

Hello all, 

Back again with another blog post but much later than I expected to! I've been meaning to upload this post for quite some days now, and the whole faff of moving back home for the Easter holidays has delayed the process slightly.

I am aiming to get back into my blogging routine with weekly blog posts that will go live in the afternoon every Wednesday. You can find the link for it on any of my social media pages or come directly to this site...

From late January to recently I have made many fun and exciting beauty purchases. This post has been on my to-do list for quite some while now- but a perk of me doing it late is that I can give you my impressions of the products!

Here's what I've been spending my money on recently...