LOOKBOOK: Spring into Summer

Today's post brings something new and exciting and different to anything I've ever done before. I decided to compile a few outfits together and create a spring into summer look-book.

English weather is never reliable, one day it can be really warm-the next cold and raining! These outfits combine the mixture of typical British weather with my favourite pieces! Hopefully you enjoy this post, if so I will do more in the future, as they are really fun! A big thank you to my lovely Izzie, who kindly took all the photos for me! Keep an eye out on izzieberry.blogspot.co.uk because she has a lookbook coming up too!

Outfit 1: 

This is one of my favourite outfits recently. The Boohoo lace up dress with a pair of tights and boots! It is such an easy thing to throw on but makes a really effective outfit. 

Dress: Boohoo
Tights: Primark
Boots: TU at Sainsburys
Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar)
Bag: River Island
Sunglasses: French Connection

Outfit 2: 

For those rare sunny British days, a denim dress is the answer! I fell totally in love with this one that I purchased from Boohoo. Further in love I fell when wearing this on holiday in Tenerife recently and I will continue to wear it throughout the summer.

Dress: Boohoo
Necklace: Tiffany&Co
Sandals: Primark
Sunglasses: Primark

Outfit 3: 

My top choice of outfit for spring is something just like this! Since I purchased my Topshop super ripped Jamie Jeans I have not been able to stop wearing them! I would LOVE to purchase another pair of Topshop jeans soon as the quality and style of them is truly unbeatable- making you totally forget about the price haha...!

Sunglasses: Aldo
Top: New Look
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Converse
Bag: River Island
Faux Leather Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar)

Outfit 4:

White jeans are very risky and daring in my opinion, but I am actually really liking this Missguided pair with a slit in each knee. I am a stickler for black denim jeans and really need to start venturing into wearing these babies more! I am OBSESSED with the Aldo sunglasses I am wearing- the pictures don't do them justice!

Top: Primark
Sunglasses: Aldo
Jeans: Missguided
Sandals: Missguided 


Apologies for my delay in uploading this post! The next post I will bring you will be about the holiday to Tenerife I just went on! I cannot wait to share the photos with you all.

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Enjoy the rest of your week...

Holly xx

The Girl Behind The Blog

Hello all!

After spending a lot of time dithering upon what to write my next blog post on, I decided to do one dedicated to me: the girl behind the blog. 
Many of you may read my posts often, but not know too much about me and it came to my attention that I do not have a lot of personal information on my blog, apart from my 'about me' page.
Hence I bring you this post, I hope it is a good read!