The Travel Diaries- TENERIFE

In the middle of May, me and my boyfriend Charlie took a holiday to Tenerife for 5 nights. We only booked a couple of months prior to the holiday but found a pretty good deal! We were really excited and I must admit I counted down the days!

I could go into tremendous amounts of detail about everything we did on this holiday, which would make for a very long post. So I will try and keep it short with a little bit of description and pictures- which will be hard as we did so much in such a short space of time.

Day 1: 

We had a really early flight en route to Tenerife which departed from London Luton airport. The 4am start was soon forgotten about with a Frankie and Benny's breakfast, it was delicious and has quickly become a bit of an airport tradition for me and Charlie.

There were no plans in place for our first day, we ended up exploring the area and going down to the pool. We stayed in the Aguamarina Golf Apartments while we were away. Time flew pretty quickly this day and before we knew it we were out looking for somewhere to eat. To cut a long story short we thought that we were going for a burger and chips and accidentally ended up in a fancy restaurant called Rendevous. After debating whether to leave, we decided to stay and ended up having the nicest meal of the holiday (in my opinion). Plus the service was amazing!

Day 2:

On this day we had a bit more of a plan, after all it was our first proper day in Tenerife. After a much needed lay in, we headed down to the pool to sunbathe and decided we would have a relaxing day and go out properly at night. Our apartments/hotel were approximately a 20 minutes drive from the ever popular Las Americas. After a day in the sun, we got ready and went for dinner in Las Americas before we experienced the nightlife there.

Both Charlie and I were really surprised to find how lively Las Americas is, especially Veronica Strip. We had a really good evening out that night! It reminded me a little bit of Magaluf, people trying to get you in bars etc, but on a smaller scale! I would probably go back to that strip as it had some good bars and clubs!

Day 3: 

The third day was a day that ended up turning out really well. We had a boat party booked, and as we were on our way there, we got a call to say it had been cancelled! At first this was really annoying as we were looking forward to it! Upon walking along the Las Americas beach front, we found a beach club called Kaluna. This was one of my favourite places of the whole holiday and would totally recommend anyone visiting Tenerife to go there! It was a chilled out beach club with good music, a nice pool and decently priced drinks. I have since been to Ibiza and can say that Kaluna reminds me of Ocean Beach a little bit, but more chilled out and smaller! It was such a fun lively place to be during the day if you didn't want to just lay on the beach.

Later, we decided to have a quiet night and explore the area that we were staying in after dinner. We ended up in the most random little bar and even got invited into their kitchen- don't ask! Haha!

Day 4: 

We had plans for this day, and that was to go to Tenerife's famous Siam water park! The anticipation was real to go here as we had been looking forward to this since we booked. This day was amazing and I have never been to such a good water park ever! Some of the slides went through aquariums which was just mind-blowing! The rides were amazing but one of my favourite parts of the wave pool. The waves were massive. Later in the day we ventured to Las Americas for another evening out. Day four was most likely my favourite day overall, due to Siam park being unreal! 

Day 5:

The last full day and evening we had, we chose to spend it on the beach as it felt like we had been on the go non-stop. Again we headed to Las Americas and paid for sunbeds on the beach for the day! Then we had dinner in a nice restaurant near our hotel. Not a lot to say about this day other than I know we laughed non-stop and managed to get even more burnt than we already were!

Day 6: 

On our last day, I decided it was best to extend the room check out time as we hadn't packed (shock) and were going out for the day. We had booked to go on a boat trip to see the dolphins. It was so lovely being on a big boat when it was so hot and being able to see both whales and dolphins. Typically me and Charlie became the laugh of the boat as we got stuck with an old German lady who knew not a word of English but wouldn't leave us alone for ages haha! 

Going home was the worst and I still have major blues!! Thank you to my amazing boyfriend Charlie for the worlds best holiday and sooooo many memories.

Soon on my blog will be all about my holiday to Ibiza, keep an eye out!

Holly xx

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