As quite a big lover of makeup, it is natural for me to come across products over time that I really don't like or are just disappointing, after all you can't like everything. So, over the months I have been stashing them away in a makeup bag and they are now seeing daylight again purely for the purpose of this blogpost!

Before I get into the post I just want to throw a disclaimer out there. All of the brands I have mentioned have other products that I really do love- so absolutely no bashing on the makeup brands at all here- I just don't like these products. Also, if any of you reading like these products yourself then great! Don't take it personally if you do like these products- these are just my personal opinions.

    NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

 A picture is worth a thousand words right?! This has got to be one of the most disappointing products I've ever tried. No matter how many times I shake it, it still comes out this horrible watery consistency. The few times that I have tried to make it work it oxidizes really bad leaving my face more orange that when I put it on after a few hours have passed. I do try and still make use of most disappointing products as I hate wasting money- but this is going right in the bin!