Uni Room Tour (House Edition- 2nd Year)


I have been so excited to share this post with you all... photos of my second year university bedroom!

This year we did the 'done thing' and move out of halls and into a house. It is more expensive for sure- but so much more spacious! I am really in love with my room, and am not used to having so much space to myself. My room at home-home isn't very big, so it is nice being able to organise my things better.

In our house there are 4 double bedrooms, a tv room, bathroom and a kitchen. We sacrificed the luxury of having a living room as such, as it has been converted into a bedroom which turns out to be the room I am in. But the TV room upstairs is used to chill out in- and watch TV of course!

Without further ado, here is my room...

When you first walk into my room this is what you see. I feel like the pictures don't do justice how big it is! Where I am standing whilst taking this photo there is a lot of room before you reach my bed. Luckily all the furniture in the room was provided like the drawers, mirror, chair, desk, wardrobes. I believe all the furniture is IKEA which is good because its nice and simple looking.