A Gift Guide For Her- Uncommon Goods

The women in our lives are always the hardest to buy for. Whether it's a girlfriend, mother, best friend, wife, cousin, grandmother... they always seem to have everything already! You have to think of a kind of 'out of the box' present, without getting something ridiculous that they just won't use.

Uncommon Goods is a website with really unique gifts. Uniqueness is a quality I always look for when I buy a present for someone. I do not want to turn into one of those people who buys socks and deodorant (not that that's all bad)!
This brand is really forward-thinking in the way that they produce their products- they always take a sustainable approach. It is also nice to hear that their products are handmade, recycled and organic. They steer clear of real leather, fur and feathers. Their site is full of individual sellers, so it is nice to support small businesses too.

I thought I would show you my favourite picks from their website for a friend, a girlfriend and a teen. These gifts are perfect for Christmas which is right around the corner and a lot of these presents are also good for birthdays and general gifting too! The beauty of the website is that it is really versatile!

A friend:

Women's Organizing Travel 4 Pack- £36.38

This is something that I have never seen before! This is absolutely perfect for the woman who loves travelling. As someone who likes to go on holidays myself, I know I would absolutely love this gifted to me! This really is a different present and that is why I love it so much! The 'wash me' bag is definitely handy for separating your clean and dirty items when away!

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle- £24.25

We all know that friend who just loves candles! This is a candle with a twist. It has been recycled from a wine bottle being cut in half! Totally appropriate for the wine and candle lover. This is a special candle as it has been handmade and is free from parabens. It would really add an authentic feel to any lounge area or room. 

My Life Story- So Far- £22.73

My Life Story- So Far is a small book, as you can see which has all sorts of different sections that you can capture meaningful and memorable times of your life in. From the early years to marriage, this is something that the creative friend in your life would love to fill in. It would also be perfect for someone who is sentimental!

These are a few of my chosen gifts for a best friend, but you can find plenty more gifts tailored towards friends at UncommonGoods here.

A girlfriend: 

Love Tokens- Set of 10- £15.15

As a smaller or more novelty gift for your girlfriend, these are the cutest thing I have ever seen! These 'IOU style' tokens can be given to her, and when she feels like breakfast in bed for example, she gives you the token and you have to go and make it for her!! Perfect for the girlfriend, maybe not so perfect for you... but the chances are, she will love them.

Two Hearts Cuff Bracelet- £41.68

This beautiful bracelet is proof that nice jewellery does not have to come with an overly expensive price tag! I would love to receive this piece and I am sure many girlfriends out there would as well! Jewellery is something meaningful, that she will cherish. 

FALLING Linocut Print- £22.73

I think I have fallen in love with this print!! This is such a cute quote and would make a really nice gift for your girlfriend. Even though this is a print, they are all handmade by the seller in California, which makes each one individual and personal. When you have a girlfriend who is difficult to buy for, this is something I'm sure she would appreciate. 

A teenager:

Game of Phones- £15.15

Teenagers are glued to their smartphones, hence this will be the perfect gift for them and their friends to play. Game of phones has tasks that will have them in fits of laughter such as 'find the weirdest Google image that comes up when you search your name'. 

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster- £13.64

This 100 movies bucket list will give any film-loving teen a reason not to leave their room again! They can scratch a movie off the list using a coin, and then immediately have an idea of a film to watch. The poster makes for great wall-art too. I have never seen anything like this, and whilst my gift guide is for the women in our life, I would know plenty of boys and men to gift this to also!

Unicorn and Rainbow Stamp Kit- £9.09

Unicorns and rainbows are all the rage at the minute- and probably because they're the cutest things ever! I'm sure a teen girl would absolutely love this to use in her notebook or on any letters she writes, to give it that girly 'stamp'- pardon the pun! This will make such a cute gift for a teen at Christmas and would be lovely to buy matching ones for friends also!

Go to UncommonGoods website to see the great selection of teenager gifts!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my gift guide for her, and got an insight into an amazing website which truly sells unique and special gifts!

What gifts are you asking for this Christmas? 

Holly xx

P.S- Thank you SO much to UncommonGoods for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own and are honest. 


If you are following me on any of my social medias, then you will know that I recently spent 5 days in New York City. It was the best 5 days of my young life. I went with my bestest friend Izzie and we just had the worlds best time! And if you wonder if I am ever going to stop talking about it or posting pictures, the chances are that I won't... oops!

Without further ado here is a little day by day run through of what we got up to, accompanied by some photos! 

Day 1: 

Annoyingly, this day didn't go as planned as our flight was delayed by 7 hours. Luckily we were told the day before that it would be delayed slightly so we didn't turn up to the airport ridiculously early. However, we arrived in NYC when it was dark, rather than at 9am when we were supposed to arrive. When we eventually got to New York we made the most of the short amount of the day we had left and headed straight to Sephora before heading back and recovering from the early start!

Day 2:

This is when the adventures really began! In the morning we headed straight out to start ticking things off of our list! We went to the 9/11 memorial and museum. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do and something that really attracted me into wanting to visit New York. We took the Metro to where the memorial was located. 

The tribute to where the twin towers once stood is really minimal, but in a perfectly respectful and fitting way. The museum is something that everyone must do. You can't really take pictures in there, for obvious reasons, but it is something truly special. You could spend hours looking at all the remnants and reading all the individual, heart wrenching stories. It is hard to realise the huge impact that this event had on thousands of people until you visit this museum.


Following my uni room tour post which went live on my blog 3 weeks ago, I knew that I wanted to do a makeup collection post also. These kind of posts always get the most attention and readership on my blog and it is easy to see why! I love viewing peoples makeup collections as well.

My collection isn't the biggest, but it is definitely enough for me. However there are still millions of things I want! I love the way my makeup is organised in my university room and I can see where everything is.

Here is an insight to my collection and my favourite bits...

Here is what my desk area looks like and a view of where I get ready. My acrylic drawers are from Beautify on Amazon. I love them so much as they allow me so much space, however I am starting to think I need new ones for more storage.