If you are following me on any of my social medias, then you will know that I recently spent 5 days in New York City. It was the best 5 days of my young life. I went with my bestest friend Izzie and we just had the worlds best time! And if you wonder if I am ever going to stop talking about it or posting pictures, the chances are that I won't... oops!

Without further ado here is a little day by day run through of what we got up to, accompanied by some photos! 

Day 1: 

Annoyingly, this day didn't go as planned as our flight was delayed by 7 hours. Luckily we were told the day before that it would be delayed slightly so we didn't turn up to the airport ridiculously early. However, we arrived in NYC when it was dark, rather than at 9am when we were supposed to arrive. When we eventually got to New York we made the most of the short amount of the day we had left and headed straight to Sephora before heading back and recovering from the early start!

Day 2:

This is when the adventures really began! In the morning we headed straight out to start ticking things off of our list! We went to the 9/11 memorial and museum. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do and something that really attracted me into wanting to visit New York. We took the Metro to where the memorial was located. 

The tribute to where the twin towers once stood is really minimal, but in a perfectly respectful and fitting way. The museum is something that everyone must do. You can't really take pictures in there, for obvious reasons, but it is something truly special. You could spend hours looking at all the remnants and reading all the individual, heart wrenching stories. It is hard to realise the huge impact that this event had on thousands of people until you visit this museum.

We then took the free ferry over to Staten Island from Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan to get a view of the Statue of Liberty without paying the mega prices to go up it. So many people had told us to do this prior to travelling as you can get a great view of the Manhattan skyline and see the Statue of Liberty at a relatively close distance. There are people standing outside trying to convince you that the free ferry doesn't give you any good views of the statue. However, this is false and I am glad we didn't listen to those trying to sell us other boat tickets, as the free ferry gave us exactly what we needed to see. It is really interesting that people use this free service every day to commute to and from work. I would love to see the Statue of Liberty on my daily commute but I guess that the novelty wears off pretty fast.

On the way back it started to rain, and by the time we arrived back in Times Square it was really raining. Luckily this was the only spot of bad weather we had the whole trip, and it definitely did not dampen the bright lights of Times Square. Seeing this for the first time is something I will never ever forget. Words and pictures do not describe how amazing it is!

We shopped a little and then realised that even though we didn't want to head back to the hotel, the rain was too heavy to constantly be outside. We found a TKTS office in Times Square and booked 'discounted' tickets to see Chicago on Broadway that night! Just before we went to see Chicago (which by the way, was amazing) we queued for a significant amount of time in the freezing cold rain so that we were able to go to Ellen's Stardust Diner!

Ellen's Stardust Diner was highly suggested for us to visit. It is a regular restaurant in the middle of New York City, apart from it isn't really that regular at all- as the waiters and waitresses all sing. You sit there and eat your meal and they perform on the balcony and in between the tables. It might sound like the worst thing you've ever heard of, but it is so much fun and they are all really good performers. Apparently they lose a lot of their staff to Broadway shows as they are so good! Chicago was also amazing, I would highly recommend that show.

Day 3: 

Because the weather was so bad the day before, we decided to go up the Empire State building in the morning of this day. Luckily we had already bought our tickets on City Pass and I'm really glad we did this, as not only do you get a discounted price, you get to skip a lot of queue's for buying tickets. The view you get from the Empire State is amazing. There is a lot to be said about the view of Manhattan, and it is quite obvious why people come from all around the world to see it. I firmly believe that seeing things for yourself in person is so much better than seeing them in photos. 

We then went to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to get a bus to the Jersey Gardens Shopping Mall. This is a shopping mall with loads of big brands for discounted prices. Before that though, we stopped at Carlo's Bakery, which is one of the TV show Cake Boss' chain of shops. I got a red velvet cupcake which was so nice (as to be expected)!

I didn't really buy as much at the mall as I was expecting to. But it was still good to visit. I did however get a really nice coat from Forever 21 which you will see in some upcoming photos! Oh and also some Vans. We had an Applebee's for lunch which was more food than I could imagine. 

After this we went and dropped our shopping bags back, and shopped in Times Square. I spent a significant amount in Sephora but not as much as Izzie spent. I am going to do a blog post about what I bought in New York beauty-wise soon. So keep an eye out for that!

Day 4:

This was our last full day and was spent by firstly going to Central Park. Before this we popped into Ulta, which was on the Upper East Side. There aren't as many Ulta's in New York as one would imagine so we waited until we were in the area to go to one, rather than going out of our way! We then walked to Central Park from Ulta and to the Loeb Boathouse Cafe. This was such a nice place, I particularly liked the look of the attached restaurant which overlooked the water and would be nice to sit in of an evening. We then decided to go on a boat which was only $15 for an hour.

I felt a bit apprehensive about going on a boat along the lake but it was so good and a really funny thing to do especially with a friend. Poor Izzie rowed the whole way because we realised that once we sat down in our seats, we were too scared to swap places in fear of the boat capsizing! It wasn't the most sturdy of boats but was definitely a cheap and different way to see Central Park. By this point my Vans were severely rubbing me and I was just happy to sit down. What sort of idiot wears NEW SHOES around New York for a day?! I do.

We then had a quick look at the 'Friends Fountain', which I discovered online isn't the real Friends Fountain (let down), but a touristy point nevertheless. This was right next to the Bethesda Terrace which I wanted to visit purely because this is where Chuck and Blair got married (GG reference) and where Kevin ran through in Home Alone 2! It was really busy around this area with people taking pictures, singing and all sorts. Some people were taking outfit shots for clothing businesses and even a pair were taking photos for presumably a bridal magazine or website! Central Park is a really vibrant area to be around and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city!

We then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But not to look at the art... to sit on the steps like they do in Gossip Girl and get a picture. Such tourists we are. After being ATTACKED (not really) by potentially the worlds biggest pigeons, here are some of the snaps. 

After this we headed back towards where we were staying to go up the Rockerfeller Centre. Even though we had already booked tickets for this you had to book a time slot it was that busy! We had quite a lot of time before our slot so we went for dinner at TGI Fridays. 

Now, if I thought that the view of Manhattan in the day time was good, then I was not prepared for the view of a night! The pictures speak for themselves, but here was the view from the 'Top of the Rock'. 

When we came down, we headed towards the Ice Rink signs. Not to go ice skating but just to have a look. I have never felt so Christmassy at the beginning of November and I got major Home Alone 2 vibes for some reason and completely felt like I had been there before! We then found a pop-up Christmas shop with severely over-priced decorations inside but it was the cutest thing ever!

Day 5: 

Our last day in the Big Apple and gosh was I sad to go! We went to visit the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning as this was more or less the last thing left to do on our list. I can't believe how huge it it. We walked for about 15 minutes and still weren't even in the middle of the bridge, it's insanely big. 

After this I splurged the remainder of my money in Times Square on gifts and makeup lol. Macy's was decorated beautifully for Christmas.

Before we headed back to the aiport we stopped for a quick photo opportunity at Grand Central Station *queue my Serena Van Der Woodsen moment* before waving goodbye to NYC. 

I had such a high expectation of New York and it had been my lifelong dream to go there. I was worried that it wouldn't meet my expectations, but thankfully, it really did. 

If you ever get the chance to visit New York City with friends, you should- nothing really compares! 

Until next time New York...

XOXO, Holly 


  1. Times Square looks amazing ���� Sounds like an incredible experience, despite the delay!! Would love to go some day x

  2. It looks like you had a fab time there! Your photos are great. I'd love to go to New York one day!