Blogmas Day 12- Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Since 2015, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London has been something that I have looked forward to visiting with my boyfriend Charlie as soon as each December rolls around. On Saturday the 9th December we went for the third year in a row, it has quickly become a Christmas tradition of ours.

Undoubtedly, compared to the first time we visited the attraction, the hype and popularity surrounding it has grown on an immense level. In hindsight going on a Saturday, early to middle of December was probably not the best idea, but it is what we chose to do. I have never seen the place so busy! I am not good with estimating numbers but there must have been hundreds of thousands of people inside Winter Wonderland, it was honestly rammed to the point where it wasn't particularly enjoyable to walk around. 

Pre-booking the attractions a week before the 9th was a myth, but luckily we managed to book two attractions, The Magical Ice Kingdom and The Giant Wheel, and this meant we got to skip two insanely large queues at the entrances- result! 

Despite how busy it was, I really made a conscious effort to try and put it to the back of my mind as much as I could. Winter Wonderland was packed, and it is overpriced, but it is somewhere I love going with Charlie and wouldn't stop going to because of these two factors. Next year if we went, we would probably pick a quieter day like a Monday. We have been there on a weekday in previous years and it has been much more bearable in terms of crowds.

However like I said, a few crowds was not enough to ruin the day, and I really would urge people to visit there as it is free entry and despite the expensive attractions, you could wander around and not spend too much money. It is a place I love and whoever thought of it is definitely reaping the benefits as so many people want to go there!

Here are some pictures from the day!

Holly xx

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  1. Winter wonderland is one of my favourite places 😍 it’s so lovely and festive!!

  2. Awww I wish I was hereee omg �� this looks so festive and fun! I’d love to experience this. ❄️����

    xx Lena

  3. Aw lovely photos, Winter Wonderland is literally a tradition for so many couples ahaha. I used to go every year but the crowds are seriously overwhelming!
    jenny x |