Blogmas Day 13- Bah Humbug!

In spite of the fact that most of my posts are happy and uplifting (as they should be), I thought it would be somewhat humorous to write a light-hearted post detailing the things I don't like about Christmas!

I do love the festive period, I mean who doesn't! But like said, I thought it would give my blog a funny twist if I shared with you the things that I really don't like during Christmas time, so please don't take my cynicism too seriously! 

  1. RETAIL SHOPS BEING OPEN ALL THE TIME! - The fact that this will be 5th Christmas working my part time job in retail may have something to do with this. But seriously, what is the need with shops having to be open late hours and all the time. Christmas day is the only break, and honestly in the next decade or so I wouldn't even be surprised if shops were open on Christmas day. I'm sure my hate for the extensive opening hours is shared by retail workers worldwide! I just feel like there is absolutely zero need for people to need to be shopping 24/7!
  2. BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS- This is going to be a widely unpopular opinion I am sure, but I really just don't think beauty advent calendars are worth the investment. I have been partial to buying one in the past, and have felt completely underwhelmed by what was inside, and I know others who feel the same. They say that the contents are worth double the price you're paying for it or whatever, but what's the use if you end up with products you don't want?! Fair play to those people who make use of the majority of products, but I just don't find I would. If I buy one in the future I will be eating my words, but I really don't think I will be purchasing one any time soon. They look pretty, and they're a clever marketing technique, I just don't think they're worth your pennies.
  3. PRESSURE TO FEEL FESTIVE- Am I the only one who gets this?! It's December 13th already, we're basically halfway there, and I feel like I should be out ice skating and spending my day watching Christmas films. But this just either hasn't happened, or life has gotten in the way, and I feel like time is flying by too fast!
  4. DEADLINES- Leading on from my last point, I haven't had the chance to feel festive, and won't get the opportunity to have much of a break due to the January deadlines I have looming over me all Christmas. But hey, I'm sure there are many students that can relate!
  5. IT NEVER SNOWS ON CHRISTMAS- I am not a fan of snow, but I would be if it snowed on Christmas day... and it never does! At least not where I live anyway. How magical would that be?! 
  6. NOT A CHILD ANYMORE- Christmas loses that magical sparkle when you realise your dad is eating the mince pies lol. But seriously, where did the days go where I sat for hours circling all the toys I wanted in the Argos catalogue and writing letters to Santa? Christmas will never be the same!
  7. MINCE PIES- Who even likes mince pies? It is a Christmas food I will never understand, and fail to comprehend why anyone would enjoy it as a nice festive snack. I know everyone has different tastes but I find the whole idea around them just really bizarre. 
  8. GAINING WEIGHT- It's an inevitably accepted part of the Christmas period but WHY does it have to happen. Enough said.
  9. NEW YEARS- This is around the time of year when people start to make plans for New Years Eve... which I hate. Halloween and New Years Eve have got to be the worst things invented cos it feels like there's some sort of pressure to be doing something on them. Also, with a new year, comes resolutions, what the hell are they all about?
  10. EVERYWHERE IS PACKED- Just give up with the idea of going shopping anywhere, especially on a weekend during December. Why does everyone leave things so last minute and there becomes such a manic rush... it's so annoying lol. 

Does anyone agree with me? 

Holly xx

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  1. This is such a relatable post! I do love Christmas but at the same time there are so many downsides!! It’s so different celebrating when you’re in your mid twenties!! xo

    1. It definitely is Cally! The fun wears off when you reach about 16, if not before!xx

  2. He he, this post did make me smile Holly. Christmas can be such a stressful time of the year with all the pressures to make it a perfect day. I’ve done all my shopping online this year just to avoid the busyness! It makes life so much easier :) It’s nice to see a different post about Christmas for a refreshing change <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I like online shopping sooo much better, it is an absolute god-send! I'm glad you liked my ever so slightly cynical post Bexa xx

  3. I think beauty advent calendars are shit too because you pay lots of money for 24 or even 12 days worth of gifts which apparently are worth like double the price of the calendar, yet most of the time they're all miniatures and I just feel like if I want something from the brand, I'd purchase it individually x

    1. Definitely! And even if it's something you like, such as lipsticks, you end up with bright purple shades you'll never wear! It's fun to open but I really see them as a waste of time and money, and totally defeats the point of advent!xx

  4. Loving this idea for a blog post! Makes me sound like such a grinch but I also hate the amount of money you have to spend at Christmas lol!
    jenny x |