Blogmas Day 17- Christmas in London

London is a wonderful place at all times of the year, but at Christmas... it is truly beautiful. There are many different places you can visit at Christmas in London to get you in the festive spirit. Here are some of my personal favourite places to go!

Department stores:

There's no doubt that London department stores are the best place to be in December. They have massive Christmas sections where you can spend hours glancing at the gorgeous decorations they have on offer. It is undoubtedly going to put you in the Christmas spirit. My favourites are Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty of London.

Oxford Street: 

The lights and decorations in Oxford Street, especially those on the big shops such as John Lewis, are so pretty and festive. The hustle and bustle is enough to make you realise this is definitely the busiest time of the year, what with everyone rushing around to get gifts!

Carnaby Street:

Carnaby Street can be found located pretty closely to Oxford Street. I like it because it's a step away from the main roads and I love the different shops they have to offer. They always put on pretty decorations too!


Everyone wants to let out their inner child every once in a while right?! Even if you're not going to buy any of the ever so slightly overpriced toys, it's definitely fun to have a wander inside!

Winter Wonderland:

I absolutely love this place and have already been this year! Read my blog post about it here.

Is there any other places I should be visiting in London at Christmas time?

Holly xx

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