Blogmas Day 20- Current Beauty Favourites

When I like a beauty product, I pretty much stick to using it and nothing else. I have lots of makeup, but find it hard to introduce new products into my routine. However, through the month of November and some of December, I have been loving a few different products which are by no means new to the world of makeup, but new to me!

This mascara was kindly sent to me by Influenster for reviewing purposes. Ever since I have gotten it, I have been using it every single day! I love the volume and thickness it gives my lashes and if I use any other mascara now I feel bare!

To me, the thought of a liquid eyeshadow sounded like hell, but I was totally wrong! I love this and can see why the hype is so huge over these eyeshadows. I have 4 different shades of these, but this is my favourite to use when I go out. It stays on the whole night too!

I was a bit apprehensive when I first bought this, but changing the brush I used to apply this has really made this highlighter glow on my skin. I love it and have been reaching for it every day!

If you have read my American Makeup Haul post then you will see I purchased this when I was in New York! I have been using it most days since I bought it and have really grown to love it!

Again, another New York purchase! I am usually completely in love with Benefit's Hoola but this has knocked it from the top right now! 

Ever since running out of my Laura Mercier setting powder, which I am reluctant to repurchase, I have been using this to set the concealer I use under my eyes and on my eyelids. It is really lightening and brightening, which I love it for. 

What are your current favourites? 

Holly xx

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  1. I reaaaally want to try the shape tape!!! Great post lovely 😘xxx

  2. These look great! Im loving the benefit roller lash mascara atm x

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