Blogmas Day 3- My 5 Favourite Photos Taken (Travel)

Photos are something that mean a lot to me. If you know me well, you will know how much I love capturing the perfect shot. I am by no means a photographer, and I don't really have any real skill, but I really feel a sense of warmth looking back and seeing a lovely photo that reminds me of a place or a time.

There are many photographs taken that I love and cherish, but I thought I would pick my top 5 favourite photos I have taken whilst I have been visiting different places. It is nearly impossible to narrow it down to 5...
This post isn't about my favourite places I've visited, but more so favourite photos I have taken whilst going on holiday to different places over the years.

    New York City

I love this photo because it reminds me perfectly of the most beautiful and vibrant city I have ever visited, and definitely my favourite city. To me this photo looks really surreal, even though I only took it on my iPhone and it is unedited. It reminds me exactly how lost for breath I felt in that moment, on the first day I ever visited Times Square.


This photo was taken in a sky bar in Berlin when I went in 2015 with my mum. I love the beautiful sunset, and even though I have more beautiful photos from visiting this bar, I like this one the most.

    Boat Trip from Kos to Bodrum

Taken when I went from Kos, Greece to Bodrum Turkey for a day when on holiday in 2015. The water looks so calm and serene in this photograph.

     Kos, Greece

This photo was taken out at the front of a beautiful hotel I was staying in whilst on holiday in Kos, again in 2015. I don't think I'll ever see such a beautiful sunset again!

      Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

Puerto Pollensa is somewhere I always used to go for several years in a row with my family on our summer holidays. I made so many friends and amazing memories there. What I used to adore so much about it, was that it is so picturesque. I haven't visited this place since 2014 and would love to go again.

Hope you enjoyed Blogmas Day 3.

Holly xx 

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