Blogmas Day 7- 10 before 40

"I haven't been everywhere, but, it's on my list..."

One of my main loves is holidays and travelling in general. There are many places I have been, but endless places I still want to go! I thought I'd make a list of ten places I really want to visit before I am fourty! It would be interesting to look back at this when I do turn fourty (in just over nineteen years time) and see if I have visited these places! My list isn't in any particular order, these are all places I would love to go.


I have wanted to go to Thailand for the longest time, and now I have been to New York, it is definitely high up there on my list. I have a lot of friends and family members who have been there and have absolutely loved it and I am itching to go!


Ever since I watched Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts in, Bali has been another high contender on my travel wishlist. Seeing as I have never been anywhere like Thailand or Bali, I really wouldn't know what to expect, but from the pictures I can only imagine good things, it looks beautiful.


Before my younger brother went to Dubai this year, I had no real interest in going there. But seeing his pictures and hearing his stories, I have become much more intrigued by it. I would love to go up the Burj Khalifa, and also visit the shopping mall with a huge fish tank in it.


I have been to a lot of places in Europe, but I haven't been to Italy. The gondola rides you see in photos look amazing, and it looks like a beautiful place, contrary to people saying it is actually quite dirty. This place has been on my list for a long time.

Disneyland Paris-

Although I've been to Disneyland Paris before, there has become this sudden urge inside of me to really want to go again! Recently, I have seen a lot of people going there and I want to be one of them! I want nothing more than to wear Minnie Mouse ears in a place where it is acceptable to wear them.


Everyone and their mother wants to go to Santorini, but it is easy to see why. The idealistic white houses and bright blue seas just scream heaven. I would probably give an arm and a leg to be there right now.

St Tropez-

St Tropez just sounds like somewhere classy, and somewhere classy is where I would like to go! Also, I absolutely adore France, so I would love to visit here and chill out on the beaches of St Tropez in the summer. Imagine the scenic shots you could get! There is also a Dior restaurant which I would definitely want to visit for obvious reasons- IT'S A DIOR RESTAURANT.


Again, I have never visited Italy, and would love to visit Rome. My inspiration for wanting to go here came from Watching the Lizzie Mcguire movie probably around 10 years ago, and ever since watching that I have really wanted to visit!


The Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive... The list of things to do in California is endless! This really would be the trip of a lifetime and I hope one day I can go here!

Las Vegas-

Vegas is definitely somewhere I have been interested in going for a while now. I am 21 in less than a month so would be old enough to be able to fully experience everything Vegas has to offer! Who wouldn't want to go there?!

Holly xx

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  1. I loooove Thailand ❤️ I’ve been there so much and it’s my favourite country to visit! The people there are so lovely!! Xo

  2. I recently went to Bali and Thailand and loved both! Bali was definitely my fave though the smaller islands are incredible x

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