Blogmas Day 8- My Favourite Chritmas Films!

Due to a lot of university work and deadlines, I am sad that I haven't had the chance to watch many Christmas films this year. However, when I do start watching them, I have the select few favourites which I will be watching like I do every December! As I am quite a creature-of-habit I tend to stick to these ones and don't watch other ones in fear of not enjoying them and wasting my time. But if there are any I should be watching, please let me know!


The Nativity 

The Polar Express

Home Alone 2

Love Actually 

Holly xx

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  1. I've never watched the nativity but i love all the others! My favourite Christmas movie would have to be the Grinch or Miracle on 34th street x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  2. Elf & Love Actually are my favourite Christmas films ❤️❄️🎄☃️ xo