A Morning at Saint Aymes

If you haven't realised, I have recently developed a love for going to gorgeous cafe's in London, and seeing Saint Aymes pop up on Instagram, it quickly went to the top of my list. Me and Izzie visited last Wednesday, and they were only in their third week of opening!

As I knew they were so newly open, I really wanted to visit the cafe before everyone and their mother went there! For example, when I went to Peggy Porschen, it was so lovely, but so overcrowded as it has become exceedingly popular amongst bloggers and the general public.

Hey Peachy!

If you haven't already heard of Hey Peachy sleepwear, you are soooo late to the pyjama party!

Being a university student, and spending a lot of time in bed, I definitely spend a lot of time in my pyjamas. Before Christmas, admittedly I didn't really own a lot of my own pyjamas, I just wore my boyfriend's t-shirts and some shorts that I've collected from Primark over the years. Because of this I was so happy to receive pyjamas from my mum and dad for Christmas.

When I opened them I was so happy with them! I really dislike wearing long pyjamas to bed (I like them for lounging in) and I only ever wear short pyjamas. This is the pair that my mum had chosen out for me.

How to ACE your Valentine's present for her...

Valentine's... love it or hate it- there are a lot of couples who celebrate it! It can be a struggle to buy anyone a present, but I think that women are particularly hard to buy for.

One thing that couples should always remember is not to pile on the pressure when it comes to Valentine's. It is nice to celebrate your love together every day of the year rather than one day. It is also important not to go overboard on a present, especially if you are going to put yourself short of money. Your partner should love you for who you are and not your gifts!

Nevertheless, there are always going to be people who are happy to buy presents for their partner on Valentines, and that is completely fine. So if you want a little help with what to buy the woman in your life for Valentine's, look no further!

Whilst I will provide a variety of gift ideas ranging in prices, a top tip to always remember is that personalised gifts cost little to no money, but the meaning behind them is huge. A photo printed and framed would make a lovely gift, and shows that you have gone out of your way to put together a lovely present with a lot of meaning behind it.

Here are some of my picks...

Sass and Belle- ASOS- Valentine's Plaque- £3

This adorable heart plaque from Sass and Belle is proof that nice Valentines presents don't have to be expensive. For only £3 this is such a cute way to remind her you love her!