Mad For Melons!

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

I thought I would hop on here to talk about and share with you a fabulous body collection that I have come across recently when shopping at Boots.

When shopping for a new body wash, I came across the SkinnyDip body care range stocked at Boots. I've always loved SkinnyDip products- their fun and vibrant style is something that has always drawn me in and although I knew they made phone cases and makeup bags, I never knew they did products like these.

The bright and fruity packaging is definitely something that drew me in instantaneously. If you know me well, you'll know that I am OBSESSED with anything to do with watermelons... so even though they had peach and coconut scented products, I was most definitely drawn to the watermelon range!

I walked out of Boots and resisted temptation. 

I couldn't leave Boots without making a cheeky purchase. I purchased four of the 'Melon Dollar Baby' scented products: