My Verdict- Married At First Sight

Never would I have thought that I'd be so invested in a TV programme that I would feel the need to write a blog post on it... but here we are!

'Married at First Sight'- the name of the show that I've been hooked on for well over a year now. There have only been two series so far (the first ones of many I hope) and I was wrong to think that nothing could top the last series, so kudos to Channel 4. Now if you're planning to watch the show, don't read on because there may be a few spoilers!

The explanation is in the name, thousands of single people all over the country sign up to the show created by Channel 4, and the idea of it seems old-fashioned and simply crazy. "Matched by science" the scientists and psychologists on the show matched 4 couples together based on all sorts of characteristics, including genes and their willingness to want to settle down and find a family.

To cut a long series short, you see the lead up to the weddings (hens and stags) and the wedding day. Until they meet at the altar, the couple know nothing but each others first names. The idea of it to me is beyond belief. However, when I saw the first wedding I felt slightly less apprehensive and much more open minded to the idea.

Clark and Melissa were the first couple to be married on Channel 4 in-front of the nation, Twitter comments flooded in, they seemed like the most perfect match. No assumed awkwardness, definitely a mutual attraction and a sigh of relief from both of them hinted that they were much more attracted to each other than they'd originally expected to be! Gushing with delight at the episode, I very much enjoyed watching the further 3 weddings that followed.

The last wedding shown was Steve and Lucie. Their wedding looked a little more awkward than the other 3, that initial 'click' didn't seem to be there, however I watched with positivity, as I do believe the cameras show you what they want to see and edit footage to make 'good TV'.
You then see the honey moon, the 4 couples living together and finally it comes to decision day, this is where the couples mutually decide if they are going to stay married or get a divorce.

Now if you want to see the whole outcome you'll have to watch the show. Although, I was slightly disheartened to learn that my favourite couple of the series 'Sara and Adam' decided to go their separate ways after initially declaring they were to stay together. As the series drew to a close, I took to Instagram to 'stalk' their profiles, as I want to see what the future holds for the couples that decided to 'stay together'. Also admittedly I get waaaaay too emotionally involved with TV shows, but never mind! Upon looking on their Instagram accounts I found the most beautiful and heartwarming post by Sara:

Source: Saraminniemay (Instagram)

What a lovely way to round off what I thought was an amazing effort once again by Channel 4, I'm not always a massive fan of their shows that typically involve real life, but anything different, and anything involving a wedding has me sold.

I wonder how many people I know would get 'Married at First Sight'?! It surely is a concept that a lot of our parents and grandparents would find bizarre. I'd like to say that if it ever came to it I'd be open to the idea of marrying a stranger and putting my trust in science.

Bit of a different post so let me know how you like it! You can find the episodes on Channel 4's catch-up service online.  I've heard that they already have applications on their website for series 3 if anyone wants to give it a go ;) hehe.

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  1. What a curious show! I would never have the guts to do that! :S