Uni room & settling in!

Having been at Brunel Uni for just over 9 weeks, I can safely say I am settled in and loving life living on my own. I've decided to write this post sharing with you some photographs of my room to give an insight to anyone wondering what university life is like, or if you're just nosy I guess. 😉

I am a first year student at Brunel University and currently living in halls. To my surprise I am actually loving it a lot more than I expected, and really enjoy my own independence. Although 9 times out of 10 my room is not as tidy as pictured...

Upon entering my room this is what you see, on the left I have my favourite coat hanging, with my Ted Baker handbag. Next to it is my dressing gown which I only tend to use for fire alarms that go off at ridiculous times in the morning. (Ironically about an hour after I wrote this post the fire alarm went off, AT 2AM!?)  Below I have my flip flops and Nike sliders which I use for the kitchen. My en suite bathroom is situated on the right of the photo.

When you walk in one of the first things you notice is the bed. Standard, small and single, I've jazzed it up with these gorgeous bed covers and pillows from Primark, I've also got a fluffy blanket on the end which I love.
Top tip: Invest in a memory foam mattress topper from somewhere like Argos for about £20 to put on your bed. The mattresses at university tend to be cheap and not great, and my friends always comment on how much comfier my bed is with the topper on it!

Desk area:
My desk area is quite packed and full in comparison to most I reckon, but nevertheless still organised.You can see quite clearly from the photo I have a TV (smart) and a printer and these are both so useful to me. It's so nice having the convenience of being able to print things from your room without trekking to the library in the cold. 

I don't  tend to keep a lot on my desk apart from my filofax, some notebooks and my water bottle, as I like to keep it as clear as possible to do work on. 
Side note: try not to judge me too hard for my top shelf which has an array of snacks and an excessive supply of orange juice...

Photos of your loved ones and favourite memories is an essential part of making your uni room homely and welcoming. Personally I've been lucky enough not to feel homesick really, but it's lovely to have pictures of your university life along with pictures of your family and fond memories of holidays. My fairy lights around it are cute and were so cheap, another Primark buy!

On the left of the bookshelf (not pictured), I have precious photo's that are framed, but here you can see the other miscellaneous items I keep. I have my makeup storage, perfume, books and vitamins (essential ofc...!) 

Pretty self explanatory, the toilet is below the shelves and the shower is on the far right. I feel extremely lucky to have a room with my own bathroom, as I think it makes living on your own a lot nicer of an experience when you have privacy and your own cleanliness! 

Essential Items and Wardrobe:
I love having my Roberts Radio on my windowsill as it also doubles up as a speaker, and I use my No7 light up mirror everyday for my makeup. I would highly recommend a desk lamp for concentrating on work, or for when your light in your room breaks and you're plunged into darkness (this happened to my friend)!

My wardrobe is small and simple, I use the bottom for my most worn shoes and some handbags, and store the rest of my shoes in a large box underneath my bed. I use the very top of my wardrobe for big weekend bags I use when I visit home and the top section area for clean sheets and towels. On the very right of the wardrobe I store my airer for my clothes which I use frequently. 

Social side...

One of the main reasons I'm loving university so much is because it just forces you to be way more sociable than usual. This was the case for me anyway. I feel like the days absolutely wizz by, there's not enough hours in the day to sleep, go to lectures, socialise and study. But this makes it fun and I've made friends for life.

Here are my 3 amazing best friends, we are on the same course and they have made my university experience the crazy and fun time it has been so far. We met on Facebook on a page for 'freshers' before we came, and I am so thankful that we clicked as well in person as we did on Facebook. Admittedly, for a long time I had this awful image in my head that when my parents left me for the first time in my new room I would sit on my bed crying while they drove back to Luton hahaha, luckily this wasn't the case.

They all have blog pages which you should also check out: 

My first term is nearly over for Christmas, and I am so glad that I decided to come to university. I hope reading this post urges anyone with doubts to think about it!

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading...

Holly xx

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