Wine & Wicked!

Days out in London are my all time favourite thing ever... I've been loads of times, but I always seem to find things I want to do all the time and always have the best days there. This week I visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and that was amazing, and also had such a fun day out yesterday as well.

So yesterday's adventures started with me and two of my university friends Megan and Izzie travelling to central London. You know when you plan a day and it just all seems to go really well? It was one of those ones. I was really worried because I had suggested the places that we ended up going to myself, and would feel solely responsible if we didn't enjoy ourselves... but luckily we did. 

First we travelled to Tower Hill/Monument area where our first booked destination was- the Sky Garden. Many people I know have been here, and I've always wanted to go. However, the tickets always seem to be booked, maybe because the access is free (they make up for this in expensive prices at the bar!), but luckily a few tickets were available that we managed to grab.

35 floors up in a very fast lift and you reach the Sky Garden...

Isn't it gorgeous? we had an amazing time in there, it was a one hour time slot so we wandered around and drank a very pricey bottle of prosecco overlooking a great view. For anyone who knows me well, they will know this is my idea of a perfect day, Below are some more photo's of our time in there.

After this, we decided to head near to Victoria, as this is where we had to be for later in the evening. We looked around for a while but soon decided to eat at a Jamie's Italian. 

I had a bruschetta and a carbonara and it was lush, but too dark in there to take photos! Then we headed over to the Apollo Victoria Theatre where we were absolutely buzzing to watch the musical Wicked.

I only managed to get a picture of the back of the theatre, because there is so much building work going on in Victoria at the moment. Again, anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Wicked, this is possibly the 4th or 5th time I've seen it! Admittedly I now think I know all the words to every single song but I refrained from singing. Now all that is left on my bucket list is to watch it on Broadway in NYC- (I WISH!) 

Considering we only booked the day before we went, and only paid £21 a ticket, we were blessed with our view from the seats we had. As per usual, the theatre seats were more or less sold out and this does not surprise me as it is an amazing performance every time. 

This rounded off the day perfectly, and with a few tube and bus rides later we were back in our beds at university. 

I hope to have many more days like this one as it was so much fun! 


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