High End Makeup Haul...

Subsequent to having Christmas and my birthday within 9 days of each other I ended up with quite a bit of money to spend. Lots of this money resulted in being spent on makeup, and while this 'haul' post will only contain a few of the bits I bought, boy were they expensive...

I shopped at John Lewis, Beauty Bay and MAC for these products. Luckily I was able to get some money off of some items for various reasons but nevertheless, they were very expensive (but very pretty)...

    Anastasia Beverly Hills- Dipbrow Pomade- Taupe

For one reason or another I've never been able to grasp the concept of successfully 'doing' my eyebrows- thus I've never had much interest. ABH's dipbrow pomade has been such a highly talked

about product that I felt like I was left behind if I didn't at least try it. The hardest task was choosing a shade, I ended up choosing 'Taupe' and luckily it matched me perfectly. Using it usually more for nights out I have taken to using this product like a duck to water! It is incredibly easy to use and more or less does the job itself for you. Top tip is purchase this off Beauty Bay as it is cheaper than ABH's UK site, and you don't have to pay for shipping. For £15 you can purchase it from here.

    MAC Cosmetics- Lip Pencil- Spice

For me, I find MAC products quite inaccessible as I don't live close to a store, so I made sure that I made a purchase on my recent visit to one of their counters. I had been searching for a lip liner to go with my 'Velvet Teddy' MAC lipstick. My friend Izzie wrote a really useful blog post which you can find here, and I decided to take her advice and purchase the lip pencil in the shade 'Spice'. These colours complement each other perfectly (thank you for the advice Iz!) They look different from my swatch, but go together so well on the lips. I purchased this product for £13.

    MAC Cosmetics- Mineralize Blush- Dainty

The second of my MAC products purchased on my trip was this mineralized blush in the shade 'Dainty'. Many moons ago this was one of the first ever products I purchased from MAC and is to this day one of the only blushers I like and use. I am not a massive blusher fan by any means, but this is the perfect shade of my skin tone. Noticeably smaller and higher in price than when I first purchased this blusher approximately 3 years ago, I see what you did there MAC- cheeky! 

Next is moving on to the three products that I purchased from John Lewis...

    Hourglass- Ambient Lighting Limited Edition Palette- Surreal Light

Some would find the idea of this palette costing £69 absolutely incomprehensible, and talking about how much it costs is admittedly a bit painful, but it's something I've wanted for a long time. This is the first Hourglass product I've ever owned and probably the last due to the hefty price tag. The compact is small, not much bigger than the size of my hand and contains two blushers, a bronzer, a higlighter and a finishing powder. The finishing powder is my favourite part of this palette. Anyone who knows anything about Hourglass as a brand knows that are renowned for their fresh and glowing makeup looks and products. This is a natural palette so if you are looking for a poppin', blinding metallic highlighter then quite frankly this isn't for you, but for me I find it gorgeous. Something I love is the absolutely stunning packaging and the fact it has a decent sized mirror. Is it worth £69? Probably not. Would I buy it again? Potentially no. But I am so glad that I've tried this and its a real luxury asset to my collection. 

    NARS- Bronzing Powder- Laguna

In the summer I looked at my makeup collection and decided it was in desperate need of a revamp. My neglected 3 year-old Bourjois bronzing powder stared back at me sadly and I realised that was the area I should begin. Since June I have been searching for the perfect bronzer. I decided to take a punt at the ever talked about NARS Laguna bronzer. Finally I can say that I think I've found my perfect bronzing powder. Again at £28 for the compact, this stuff is by no means cheap, but for me completely worth the money. For anyone darker than my fair to medium skin toned I would advise going for the shade 'casino', as even for me there's only so much I can build this product up and it potentially wouldn't work as a prominent contour for most people. All of this aside, I love the formulation and the look of this product and I will definitely buy more NARS products in the near future. 

    Laura Mercier- Loose Setting Powder- Translucent

Youtube and Blogger made me buy it- I admit. The Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in the shade Translucent. Little did I know how much I needed this in my life until I suffered from the dreaded flashback in more than one photo. I originally used the NYX translucent finishing powder which I really enjoyed at the time, but the flashback is horrific. Laura Mercier's powder is delightful in more ways than one. It is so finely milled that it is incredibly soft and leaves a flawless finish. I use this all the time to set my concealer under my eyes and there is so much product in the pot that this will last me for a long time. This product is £29 on the John Lewis site

   Anastasia Beverly Hills- Modern Renaissance Palette

YES, I saved the best until last. The Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. I bought this off Beauty Bay for £41, and it was the best £41 I've ever spent. I adore everything about this palette, the shade range is amazing but the consistency is to die for. These shadows blend like butter, you barely have to put any work in and you still end up with an amazing eye look. I will use this palette till it hits the pan and I will buy it again and again. For anyone looking for a high quality eyeshadow palette then this is for you. Just read every review ever written about it and you'll understand the hype, super happy with this product!

It's a good thing I am not any good at maths, as I wouldn't even like to think about the amount that this small lot totals to. Overall I am so happy with all my high-end buys and thankfully have no regrets! 

Tell me, what are your favourite high-end beauty products?

Holly xx