Turning 20 and My Presents...

Hello from a now 20-year old!

TWENTY, as if... I've been alive for two decades, ridiculous!

I had a lovely birthday. Admittedly, it feels like I've gotten to that age where birthdays aren't the magical excitement that they once were. But nevertheless, I feel blessed that I was able to see my close friends on the days surrounding my birthday, and spend time with my family.

Gifts are not important to me. As beautiful as the gifts I received are, I cherish the much more important things like the fact two of my best friends from university came all the way to Luton to see me on New Years, just two days before my birthday. Shout out to Meg and Izzie, you guys are the best!

This year I got more money and gift cards than ever before, which I am not complaining about at all! I have been able to buy so many things including a FitBit which I really wanted, a new jacket, so much makeup and loads of other things. I have enjoyed shopping SO much and spent most of my money way too fast.

Now onto my gifts...

The most beautiful gift I received for my 20th was this gorgeous backpack from Radley. I chose this out in John Lewis before Christmas when I was shopping with my mum. We decided to grab it there and then as it was on sale from £200 down to £139. For a backpack this is an awful lot of money, but I fell in love and I know I will get lots of use out of this whether it be out for London days or when on holiday etc, and it is to me, an investment piece! I think it is so unusual with its curved zip opening and this is one of the reasons why I love it so much. The bag has a zip compartment on the back of the bag which I think would be perfect for city breaks and travelling as you could use it to keep valuable items in such as boarding passes or your passport! Thank you to my parents for this beautiful gift. I think it is still available to purchase and you can find it here.

Another gift from my parents is this lovely luxurious set of skincare items by the brand Pixi. I have never tried anything from this brand before receiving this gift, so I felt so excited to receive it for my birthday. My mum told me how she got this whole set for about £30/£35 which we both thought was such a good deal as the 4 items in the set on their own, by my calculation, total up to a hefty £72!!! I have started using these products since receiving them on my  birthday and they feel lovely on the skin. I am also convinced they are already starting to clear my skin up, so happy days!

Another surprise present from my mum and dad was this gorgeous dressing gown from Marks and Spencer. I cannot even begin to explain how comfortable this is- I have it on right now! I love the design of it, dark blue with stars and such a cute hood with ears! I had pointed this out to my mum ages ago but had no idea I would receive it. A perfect present considering I was in much need of a new dressing gown! You can find the same one here.

I also received this Ted Baker pencil case from my parents. I cannot wait to get back to university and start using this. It will be absolutely perfect for my lectures as all I need is a couple of pens to take along with me seeing as I do most of my work on my laptop.

How cute is this cushion that my mum and dad got me from Next with the letter H on it! I cannot wait to put this on my university bed with all my other cushions! 

My lovely cousin and her family got me this gorgeous Pandora charm (which I couldn't seem to get a good photo of) with my starsign- Capricorn on it. I love Pandora charms with meanings to them to go on my bracelet and this one is perfect for me especially seeing as recently I really love reading my daily horoscope (lol). So thank you to Danielle for picking out this gorgeous present for me!

From my brother I received this lovely toiletries bag from Next. Again, with my initials, this is the perfect size bag to keep plenty of things in as it is a really good size! Currently I have been keeping all my new Pixi products in there. I love this a lot so thank you Luke. 

From my lovely friends Liz and Andrew I received two very lovely gifts that I am so thankful for. They got me a bag and some lovely fluffy slippers. I think the bag is going to be perfect for going out for the day in the Spring and Summer time and I love the style of it. I have already been wearing the slippers loads and cannot wait to get back to university and use them! 

Our family friends Caroline and co. got me a gift card which I have already spent (so thank you for that) and this student cookbook. I already have a student cookbook that was gifted to me before I started university which I love, but this one is so different and also looks so useful. Those who know me well will know that I am NOT a culinary goddess at uni by any means, but I am actually really looking forward to trying out a Duck stir fry which I saw in this book. So thank you Caroline for that because I will use this a lot!

My great Auntie Daph gave me money and also this Bayliss and Harding footcare set which I love purely because it has fluffy socks inside it and who doesn't love fluffy socks!?

A really cool present I received was this Thames evening cruise for 2 from my family friends Annita and her family. I was so excited when I opened this gift because I absolutely love gift experiences because anyone who knows me well knows that I just love going out and doing different things and trying out all kinds of adventures! I need to get this booked because I am so excited about it, and being in London for university most of the time anyway means its the perfect gift!

My bestie from university got me AMAZING birthday gifts which you can see above. I am SO excited (do I say excited enough *everyone rolls their eyes*) about this makeup bag. It is the Missguided one and I literally adore it. All of us go shopping all the time in Uxbridge and I always go on how obsessed I am with holographic/iridescent things. I love how Izzie remembered this and got me the cutest things to go inside this makeup bag! I was in such desperate need for eyelashes and HATE spending money on them for some reason so thank you for those Izzie, and I also love the Sleek palette, I had never had one until recently and I love them so I will use that and the other bits a lot! Thank you Izzie!

Following the iridescent theme and the fact that another one of my uni bestie's Meg knows me so well... just look at these gifts. She got me a gorgeous iridescent makeup bag as well which I love so much. She put this set of soft matte lip creams inside which she knows I LOVE. I probably have over 15 of the soft matte lip creams now. Also she got me the gorgeous diary and purse that you can see pictured. I think I will use the diary for documenting my work hours or my university work. The Skinny Dip purse is literally amazing, and I love switching up my purses all the time. Thank you Meg!

My best friend Lauren from home (Luton) absolutely shocked me with the amazing birthday gifts that she blessed me with this birthday. She surprised me completely with this Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Androgyny. I AM IN LOVE. Lauren knows me so well, I am literally obsessed with Jeffree Star's videos, I sit with anticipation waiting for him to upload new ones. The day before she gave me this gift I was sat scrolling on Beauty Bay wondering why I didn't own a single thing from his collection... and now I do. Thank you so much Lauren because this is literally the perfect shade for me. Originally I thought that it reminded me a lot of Kylie Jenner's Posie K, but swatching them both as you will be able to see in the photo below, they are much different. 

Swatches of 'Posie K' by Kylie Jenner (top) compared to Jeffree Star's 'Androgyny' (bottom)

Lauren also got me two gorgeous bardot style tops which I couldn't get a flattering picture of (but honestly they're so pretty) and a Malibu drinking jar which I love. On top of this she also got me an Essie nail polish gift set. I have already taken it out of the packaging hence the lack of picture but it is gorgeous! Thank you so much Lauren you are just the best and I love my gifts!

A gift that I got myself is this FitBit Alta. I am absolutely loving wearing and using this. It was a pricey buy, but I also got a good deal as it retails at £99.99 but was on a save for £15 less, and with my Boots discount I got this for about £73. It is a pricey item but I really wanted one and enjoy wearing it daily to track my steps and my fitness. When I go back to university I am planning (haha) on being more active and exercising more (or just exercising in general I don't really do any at the moment). This device also tracks your sleep and tells you how many times you were restless and so on. I love it and I am so glad I bought it. 

With that all said I am massively thankful for the amazing gifts that I received for my birthday. There are some smaller ones that I didn't picture purely because I have written so much already but I am equally as happy with those. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and I cannot believe I am now 20. 

Keep an eye out for my next post as I am really excited about it.

Holly xx

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