What I Got For Christmas 2016 & Boxing Day Sale Purchases!

Happy New Year to you all! I am so excited to write this post; unfortunately it is up later than originally expected as I have been so busy working during my Christmas break. However I got so many nice gifts for Christmas that I am so excited to show you, as I love reading these kind of posts myself! Also my birthday was yesterday so keep an eye out for my birthday post coming in a couple of days... Hope you enjoy.

What I Got For Christmas: 

My Tiffany necklace from my mum and dad was by far one of my favourite gifts received this Christmas. I asked for a new one as my other necklace I had been wearing pretty much everyday for 4 years and was getting old. I chose this one out myself and was so blessed to receive it. Here is the link in case anyone is interested.

From my parents I also received this gorgeous Ted Baker bag. I don't know how to describe the colour but I would describe it as a Nude shade. On Christmas day I was so shocked and overwhelmed to receive such a beautiful present as it really was unexpected! It has gorgeous rose gold hardware and comes with a zip pouch which is shown in the second picture. Due to working so much I haven't had time to use this beauty yet. But I cannot wait to use it. Anyone who knows me well knows that Ted Baker is like a tradition for me to get every year as I love the brand so much! 

This gift I chose myself when me and my mum were shopping around Black Friday in Central London. I asked her to get me this and save it for me for Christmas and I am so pleased with it. The set was reduced to £40 down from £100- such a bargain. I was in desperate need for new brushes. This is the Real Techniques Mega Set

Another gift I chose was this face cream from Estee Lauder. This is my all-time favourite cream to use on my face overnight as has a non-oily but hydrating forumla. At £46 a pot, even with my Boots staff discount (I work for Boots if I haven't mentioned before), I couldn't really justify the splurge being a university student. So back in October when it was the staff double discount week I bought this and asked my mum to keep it as a present for me at Christmas and I love it. 

A present to myself. I am still so excited about my new little gadget that I decided to get myself for Christmas! After seeing one of Zoella's video's I was desperate for the HP Sprocket, but it seemed as soon as she mentioned it, it happened to be sold out everywhere. I checked endlessly but there was no joy. Upon going back to my local Boots to work over the Christmas holiday, I discovered they retailed this Polaroid printer. It does the exact same as the HP one does. A zero ink printer that produces wallet size photos which you can also peel and make into stickers. I am obsessed with this little device. It is so clever and works over bluetooth and you can add text and use frames and all sorts. Even better I had saved my boots advantage card points so got it completely free on my Boots card!

My bestest friend Lauren got me these gorgeous gifts! She got me some Jack Wills things, a Ted Baker makeup bag, a Reiss bronzer and this French Connection eyeshadow palette. She knows me so well- love them!

The pictures above show lots of other gifts that I received and that I love. There are also smaller gifts I received and lots of money but it would be too long winded to write about them. As you can see I got lots of chocolate 🐷! I also got lovely things from my cousin, my brother and my family friends which are pictured. My mum and dad got me some really comfortable pyjama bottoms from Next and my lovely friends Liz and Andrew got me the gorgeous leopard print skirt which I am obsessed with, and also a cute alarm clock for my university room! My friends got me the Ralph Lauren purse which I really like! 
I also did a secret santa with my university friends. My friend Izzie got me amazing gifts, including a Zoeva brush holder which I cannot wait to store my new brushes in and the new 'Sleek Diamonds in the Rough' palette! 


Overall I had a lovely Christmas day! I was spoilt as always. Thank you to my family and friends for being so thoughtful with your gifts!

Boxing Day Sale Purchases!

But of course, working in Boots I have come obsessed with their annual half price sale which commences on Boxing Day. However this year it started early online- on Christmas eve! The bits I picked up below are a mixture of in-store and online buys. I am soooo happy with my purchases.

The Liz Earle Christmas gifting range was one of the first things I looked at on the website upon the start of the sale. This set 'The Cleanse and Polish Experience' was going for a third off at £10.33 and contains the popular hot cloth cleanser alongside two muslin cloths. These products bought individually would come to £18.50 in total and I grabbed this set for around £9 due to my discount. I am so excited to try out this product and so happy with the bargain I got. 

Containing 4 full size products and exfoliating mitts I was ecstatic to buy this Sanctuary gift in my Boots for just under £10. This was priced at £20 before Christmas so is a total bargain going down to half the price. These products retail at around £5.50 each and they smell sooooo good!

The lynx female set went down to £3.25 and I love this scent so I purchased that, along with the malibu drinking jar pictured. I wanted this more for the fact it was such a cute jar which I can use for pre-drinks at university, I thought it was so cute for just under a fiver!

I have always been a fan of the gift sets Soap and Glory bring to Boots at Christmas time. This set is one of my favourites, it is amazing value for money, especially in the sale where it went down to £9! They call this one the 'Eyes Box' and contains a brow pencil, kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner pen and mascara. The mascara retails for £10.50 on it's own so I dropped this product in my online basket before I could even think about how much money I would be saving! Such a good deal, so happy with this buy! 

Last but not least, I think this purchase was probably the one that excited me the most! I couldn't believe I managed to get my hands on it after it was sold out even before the sale started- but I did! Originally at £45 this 9 piece makeup kit offers some gorgeous parts of the Sleek range. I have been wanting to buy the Solstice highlighting palette for ages now which is £9.99 alone, so to be able to get this whole set for £19.69 I was overjoyed. I can't wait to play around with all the bits from this kit as I am a massive fan of Sleek! 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. Apologies for the long post but I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for Christmas this year and what I managed to grab in the sales! My birthday was yesterday so if this post gets good feedback maybe I will do a similar one for my birthday gifts!

Leave me comments below! 

Holly xx

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