Night Time Skincare Routine

I have a complete newfound interest in skincare. I totally neglected my skin before and since upping my game I have definitely noticed the difference. I have my mum to thank as she bought me some amazing skincare products for Christmas and I am definitely reaping the benefits.

In this post I have decided to share my night time skin care routine with you all. These products I use 90% of evenings and love, rarely do I use different products.

My skin is mainly of an oily nature, however I do get some dryness around my nose and mouth. I look for products that help keep oil at bay but do not dry out my skin!

   Step 1: Garnier Micellar Water:

To remove a full face of makeup, I start by using my tried and true Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. If you haven't used this then you've been hiding under a rock. I will use anything from 2 to 4 cotton soaked pads to remove my makeup depending on how much I have on.

    Step 2: No7 Makeup Wipes:

Using a full coverage foundation regularly, I find that makeup traces are always left in the crevices of my face. I go over my face using one of the No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes. I love these wipes because they are so hydrating and kind to the skin.

    Step 3: Forever Living Hand and Face Soap:

I then use my Forever Living hand and face soap and work this up to a lather on my face using water. This is a key part in my routine and makes me feel like I am giving my skin a good rinse. This stuff is so gentle and is such a multi-purpose product. You can buy this product as Liz's Forever shop which I will link here. I have been using this for a long time!

    Step 4: Pixi Makeup Wipes: 

Maybe this is excessive, but I think of this stage as my 'treatment' makeup wipe. I use one Pixi Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth all over my face and down my neck. These wipes are so refreshing and feel AMAZING to use on the skin. At £10 a packet they are so pricey, but I have just repurchased them meaning to me, they are worth it. These are also always sold out on both the website and in store, and for good reason.

    Step 5: Pixi Glow Tonic:

After this, I soak another cotton pad in my Pixi Glow Tonic. This stuff has changed my life. No exaggeration. I love what it does for my skin. It is a gentle exfoliating toner which makes my skin feel great. I would not be without this product. As instructed on the bottle I use this on my face, neck and décolletage.

    Step 6: Estee Lauder Cream & Pixi's Rose Oil Blend: 

To finish off my routine I mix together two of my favourite products. Pixi suggest that adding their Rose Oil Blend to your favourite moisturiser will give you a glow. I mix this with my Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus Detox Creme all of the time and love what the two products do for my complexion: hydrate and give an amazing glow. Both products are on the pricey side, but worth the money. One thing I love about this oil is it isn't greasy and does not worsen oily skin- which I have. The moisturiser has been my one of choice for over a year now.

After a somewhat extensive routine, it is finally finished. Every so often I do try different products and will use a face mask from time to time. The Estee Lauder anti age eye cream is another personal (yet extremely expensive) favourite of mine to prevent signs of ageing around the eyes, however I would be lying if I said that I used this every day.

I hope that you enjoyed my night time skincare routine, if you read to the end maybe leave me a comment!

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Do you use any of these products yourself?

Holly xx

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