The Travel Diaries-DUBLIN

I have barely been back in England for a day but I am so excited to share my mini-break to Dublin with you all.

Me and my 3 best uni friends Izzie, Colette and Meg took it upon ourselves to utilise our relaxed timetable and use our three days off mid-week to have a trip to Dublin. 

Following my first visit to June in the summer which I took alone to visit my friend Kate, I was so excited to go back to the city. It is a place that I love and there was still so much I wanted to explore- I am so lucky that I got to go back. 

We arrived approximately 4/4:30 at the apartment we had booked. We chose to stay in Temple Bar in the Handels Apartments by theKeyCollection. If you are going as a group of 3 or more I would highly suggest an apartment like this, it was in the perfect location and an incredible value for money.

After arriving, we bought some wine and slowly got ready to go out. We headed down Temple Bar and stopped at the Hard Rock cafe for some food. It was rather expensive (as Dublin is in general), but was such a fun quirky place with great food and generous portion sizes.

We then ended up going to a club which I had been to before in the summer called 'Copper Face Jacks'. It was much busier than my prior experience of it. After queuing for what seemed like ever, we were finally in a very rowdy and cramped club but it was a fun experience and after spending 9 euro on a SINGLE malibu and coke I decided that maybe I was slightly over tired and over it. However the atmosphere was amazing for a Tuesday night and overall it was a good time

The second day was by far my favourite. We woke up with plans to go to the Guinness Storehouse and after stopping at Copper Alley Bistro for a delicious and filling lunch, we made our way there.

It cost 18 euro with a student ID to get into the storehouse, which wasn't too bad seeing as it was a really big venue and you got a coupon for a drink voucher at the end. I have now tried Guinness and it is safe to say surprisingly I am not a fan lol. But I really loved the experience, it was a beautiful place and my favourite part was the gravity bar right on the top floor. Whether you're a fan of Guinness or not I would highly suggest going as it is really fun.

We decided to use the little money we had left before accessing a cash point to ride on a horse and cart. This was one of the best things we did whilst we were there because it was so much different to anything I had ever done before. This is another thing I would highly suggest doing because it was such an amazing experience that I won't forget.

We got dropped off at Trinity College, and we happened to run into a protest. We knew that it was International Women's Day, but were unaware that this would be happening. It was so interesting to see women of all ages campaigning for women's rights regarding abortion in Ireland. PRO CHOICE!

The plan for the last night was to go out and get cocktails after our rather random clubbing experience the night before. I was soooooo excited to receive a FaceTime from my friend Kate who lives in Dublin saying she was able to meet up with us. We have known each other for nearly 4 years now after meeting on holiday and we are so lucky to remain close friends despite the distance. We had such an amazing last night together with Kate and it was the perfect end to the most fun day.

We went to Alfies Bar which I love, and Fade Street Social Bar which was one of the loveliest recommendations from Kate.

On our last day we went for lunch at Eddie Rockets before flying home.

It was the most amazing trip, full of so much laughter and amazing memories. I am now counting down the days till I am next away somewhere having fun!...

Holly xx


  1. What an adventure your having, so interesting to read everything your writing about, every story gets better. still your biggest fan! xx

    1. Adventures together soon, thank you Charlie xxx