The Girl Behind The Blog

Hello all!

After spending a lot of time dithering upon what to write my next blog post on, I decided to do one dedicated to me: the girl behind the blog. 
Many of you may read my posts often, but not know too much about me and it came to my attention that I do not have a lot of personal information on my blog, apart from my 'about me' page.
Hence I bring you this post, I hope it is a good read!

Who am I?

I'm Holly. I'm your normal 20 year old girl obsessed with all things beauty. I am studying for a Journalism degree at Brunel University in London, and when I am not in London at my uni flat, I am at home, in Luton, where I was born and raised.

Aside from that, I spend my spare time at my part time job in Boots, blogging or with my friends, family or boyfriend. Something I LOVE more than anything is going on holidays, so I try to save up my money from my job to go on holidays in the summer. On top of this I love days out, whether they be in London or somewhere different and fun, and then I love blogging about these experiences! 

Instagram is something I adore. I'm constantly taking pictures and uploading them onto my account. Since it first came out years ago it has always been my favourite app, as I love taking photos so much, and it still continues to be my favourite. My username on it is @hollszz. 

Why did I start blogging?

I tried to start blogging several years ago. I had one 'fail' post on my blog back from 2012, and then in around 2015 I tried to start a blog about my gap year experiences. Seeing as I never stuck to either of these, they didn't go very far. 

Back in November I decided to make a good go of writing a blog. I am so glad that I have done this. My blog is by no means huge, but when I upload a new post, I really enjoy seeing how many views I will get and I love interacting with people in the comments and on my social media accounts! 
It has also lead me to making friends with lots of girls with similar interests to mine- both in real life and online. 

Blogging has become a massive hobby of mine and something that I find really fun, I wish I had started it sooner!

What do I want for the future?

Of course I am studying to be a Journalist, and ideally I would love to go into magazine journalism when I am older. But for now- I still have 2 years of university left and in that time I would love my blog to grow and continue to open doors for me. My dream goal is to start a Youtube channel- however that is a big fear I have yet to conquer! For now I will focus my energy into my blog! It is so nice to get positive feedback from people saying they enjoy reading my content!

Thank you for reading!

As always my social media links can be found on the right hand side bar of my blog, follow me there and be sure to subscribe to my blog via email! 

Suggestions for blog posts would be highly appreciated, this way I can know what content you enjoy and continue to produce things you all like to read.

H xx


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    1. Thank you Charlotte! Glad you liked it! Always love your posts xx