As quite a big lover of makeup, it is natural for me to come across products over time that I really don't like or are just disappointing, after all you can't like everything. So, over the months I have been stashing them away in a makeup bag and they are now seeing daylight again purely for the purpose of this blogpost!

Before I get into the post I just want to throw a disclaimer out there. All of the brands I have mentioned have other products that I really do love- so absolutely no bashing on the makeup brands at all here- I just don't like these products. Also, if any of you reading like these products yourself then great! Don't take it personally if you do like these products- these are just my personal opinions.

    NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

 A picture is worth a thousand words right?! This has got to be one of the most disappointing products I've ever tried. No matter how many times I shake it, it still comes out this horrible watery consistency. The few times that I have tried to make it work it oxidizes really bad leaving my face more orange that when I put it on after a few hours have passed. I do try and still make use of most disappointing products as I hate wasting money- but this is going right in the bin!

    Seventeen- Wow! Concealer

I had quite high expectations for this concealer and the only thing that let me down was the shade range. I picked the shade fair and thought it would be perfect for under my eyes. However I have a yellow undertone to my skin, and as you can see from my swatch, this concealer has quite a prominent pink undertone. If the shade range was better I would probably be more inclined to like this product. 

    NYX- HD Studio Finishing Powder

I really really really dislike this powder. Nyx as a brand is amazing but this is just a massive no from me. It isn't very finely milled and has a weird scent. It really doesn't do anything for mee at all! Let alone all of that, worst of all, the flashback on this powder is horrific. Once you use it to powder your face you can't see anything, but flash photography shows a white cast. I learnt the hard way!

    Maybelline- Super Stay 24 Hour Setting Spray 

No matter how many times you shake this setting spray, it produces so many white dots. It is really annoying and ruins your makeup! One time I hadn't shaken the product and it left loads of white dots all over things in my bedroom. Time for the bin! 

    Collection- Calligraphy 24 Hour Liner

I bought this eyeliner by accident once instead of the regular collection pen-style liner which I used to use all the time. If you look at the nib you can see it is just the most bizarre shape and concept. What is most annoying is that it draws such a thick line that it is impossible to create a flick. 

    Rimmel- Brow This Way and Brow Pencil

I used to use these products (especially the pencil) all the time, and they weren't the worlds worst products, but I later discovered that there are a lot of products in the drugstore just as nicely priced but do a much better job- that's all!

    Tanya Burr- Glitter Liners

I got these glitter liners behind doors in the Tanya Burr Cosmetics advent calendar I got last Christmas. I have used them a little bit but really wasn't taken aback by them. As you can see from the bottom two swatches in the above photo, the glitter to liquid ratio is poor. Barely any glitter comes out. I compared these to the collection glam crystals liners in similar shades. They have been swatched above the Tanya Burr liners and there is absolutely no competition. 

    MAC- Bare Study Paint Pot

I bought this paint pot back in the day, but have never fell in love with it like I expected to. I think if I had bought a more neutral shade like the renowned 'painterly' then I would have got more use out of using it as an eyeshadow base. This shade 'bare study' just seems a bit gimmicky to me as when you put eyeshadow over it, the shimmer of the product becomes practically invisible. It could maybe be used as a brow bone or inner corner highlight, but it is just not something I reach for. Also I find it swatches inconsistently and is a little on the patchy side. 

    Rimmel- Wonderfull Waterproof Mascara Black

I originally bought this product for on holiday to be waterproof and sweat proof. I never ended up using it because it was practically like putting clear mascara on. It wasn't a good product for me, giving me no volume, length or colour to my lashes and therefore ends up in the disappointing products pile!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed finding out what products I dislike.

Are there any more disappointing products I should steer clear of? 

Holly xx

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