Uni Room Tour (House Edition- 2nd Year)


I have been so excited to share this post with you all... photos of my second year university bedroom!

This year we did the 'done thing' and move out of halls and into a house. It is more expensive for sure- but so much more spacious! I am really in love with my room, and am not used to having so much space to myself. My room at home-home isn't very big, so it is nice being able to organise my things better.

In our house there are 4 double bedrooms, a tv room, bathroom and a kitchen. We sacrificed the luxury of having a living room as such, as it has been converted into a bedroom which turns out to be the room I am in. But the TV room upstairs is used to chill out in- and watch TV of course!

Without further ado, here is my room...

When you first walk into my room this is what you see. I feel like the pictures don't do justice how big it is! Where I am standing whilst taking this photo there is a lot of room before you reach my bed. Luckily all the furniture in the room was provided like the drawers, mirror, chair, desk, wardrobes. I believe all the furniture is IKEA which is good because its nice and simple looking.

Beside my desk I have my laundry basket, ironing board and clothes airer. Underneath I have lots of bottled waters, my bin, my printer and a storage box full of my stationary.

Against my window is my desk. I use this to store my makeup and my TV mostly. There are two big drawers in the desk. I use the first one for my makeup palettes and the second one is a bit of a miscellaneous messy drawer. My favourite thing about this area is the fact that when I do my makeup I get natural lighting shining in. You can also see my No7 mirror and my speaker. I keep most of my makeup brushes in an acrylic container on the windowsill as well which you cannot see. But don't worry an in depth makeup collection post will be coming soon... 

Luckily, I have two wardrobes in my room which has come in exceedingly handy. It makes me wonder how I survived with my single wardrobe at uni and at home. I use one side for hanging my coats and jackets and the other one for hanging the rest of my clothes. The drawers are used for other clothes, underwear, spare bedding and towels.


I love using the shelf and fireplace to display my bits and bobs. The light up H and the light up flamingo are my favourite things and I love having them on when all my lights are off. In the first picture you can see that I have a bedside table and I adore my grey bedding from Primark which is reversible.

This is one of my favourite parts of my room. I love how the wall alcoves to fit the drawers perfectly. The copper basket from Primark is such a cute little accessory. 

TIP: Don't spend lots of money on decorating your university room, you can find so many cute and affordable bits in places like Wilkos and Primark. 

An insight into what I keep in my drawers...

I use my top left drawer for miscellaneous bits like tissues, plasters and earbuds. I also have a drawer insert which separates all my electrical/tech accessories into one place. The right top drawer has inserts which I got from IKEA for skincare, hair care and healthcare things.

Next I have a drawer for my scrapbook bits and a drawer for all my electrical items like my camera, my ipad, and my heated tools like hair dryer, hair straightener and hair curler. This probably isn't the best way to store my electrical items but it is my tidiest option!

The next drawer down I keep full of bags and clutch bags. I usually keep my two mainly used Ted Baker bags out under my bedside table and the bags I use less often in this drawer. My bottom drawer is used for my dressing gown and pyjamas.

My room is rather different compared to my room from my university halls in first year. If you want to see what that room looked like and compare the differences then click here.

Here's hoping that you enjoyed my post! I am planning a makeup collection blog post to come soon- you can all have a nosey into seeing what makeup I own.

Holly xx


  1. Such a well organised room. It must be nice having a bit more space.

  2. Love this Hols!! Looks so cozy & so much storage xx

    Jamie | www.jamies-corner.com