Blogmas Day 1- Luxury Christmas Wishlist


Welcome to Blogmas! All through December I am going to be publishing a new blog post every single day! I am so excited for this. It is definitely going to be challenging, but I know it will be worth putting the effort into my blog and is a goal I would love to stick to. I really hope those of you reading will stay and join me for the ride! My plan is to do some Christmas themed posts and some non-Christmas themed posts. However, I will try to do 'gift-guides' nearer the beginning of the month, as it would be pointless doing one right at the end. I figured if I tried to do all Christmassy posts I would end up clutching at straws and writing a blog post about my favourite festive song or something ridiculous like that! Nevertheless, a post will go live on my blog every single day approximately 6pm GMT. It's going to be a challenge writing a lot of content this month, as I am quite fussy about what goes up on my blog and I like it to be as perfect as can be. But we will see!

I thought I would start Blogmas off with something fun and lighthearted. This post will be my luxury Christmas Wishlist. By no means am I writing this list expecting to get anything from it, especially as I have asked for other things already for Christmas. But, I thought that it would be fun to do. I am writing this post from an 'if money was no object' perspective, hence the word luxury in the title! Maybe this post will give a little inspiration if  you are struggling to buy gifts. If not, don't worry as I will be doing plenty of gift guides for different price ranges throughout December, so keep your eyes peeled.

These are 5 of my favourite things I've seen and would love to receive...

Ted Baker- Long Faux Fur Coat- £279

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This coat screams YES to me on so many levels. I am literally in love with it. If you know me well you'll know that two things I adore are coats and Ted Baker. This one is similar to last years design, where they had the colours reversed. I think this one would suit me better as the grey would go well against my blonde hair. It just looks so cosy and would be an absolute dream to own.

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An absolutely unjustifiable price for a t-shirt, but I love this so much. If money was no object I definitely would have this in my wardrobe. I love the classic feel that this t-shirt brings and it would be an investment piece in any wardrobe as I can't see it ever going out of fashion  and could be styled in so many ways!

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My eyes have been on this beautiful palette for a long time now, and I'd be lying if I denied that the shade named 'Holly' was part of my reason for wanting it so much. However, despite that, these shades are all right up my alley and I would absolutely love to have this in my collection. Obviously, it is not as expensive as the clothing items I listed, however it is expensive for what it is and I probably wouldn't buy this for myself. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Mini Liquid Lipsick Set- £26

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This set isn't very pricey, and actually quite good value for a usually rather expensive brand. I would love to try out Anastasia liquid lipsticks! This would make a lovely gift.

Backstage Beauty Premium Eyelashes- Rodeo Drive- £19.99

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Luxury lashes like these would be perfect as a gift for a beauty lover who would appreciate their quality. I would definitely appreciate these. They are pricey for what they are, but you can re-use them and could save them for special occasions. Even better, they aren't made of mink, as many false eyelashes are- therefore they are cruelty free!

Thank you for reading my first day of blogmas post! I will be posting every day right up until Christmas Eve! I hope you come back tomorrow and enjoy more content!

If money wasn't an object, what would be on your Christmas wishlist?

Holly xx

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  1. I also want the Violet Voss Palette! It is so beautiful!