Blogmas Day 10- Eyeshadow Palettes

Buying eyeshadow palettes has quickly become a favourite of mine. I have 4 which I have established as my top picks as they are blendable and easy to work with. Here they are in order...

1. Modern Renaissance Palette- Anastasia Beverly Hills- £43

2. Soph Palette- Makeup Revolution- £10

3. Sweet Peach Palette- Too Faced- £39

4. Ultimate Brights Palette- NYX- £16

Holly xx

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  1. Love these palettes! My favourite is the soph makeup revolution one! Love the colours and pigment!

    1. Thanks doll! I love that one too, and you really can't beat the value for money!

  2. These all look lovely! I've wanted the Modern Renaissance one for ages!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  3. I need to get a brightly coloured eyeshadow so I’ll definitely look into the NYX one! Xo

    1. I definitely don't regret buying that palette!