Blogmas Day 11- A Year In Blogging

At the beginning of November my blog turned one year old. A year later, I am reflecting on what it has been like doing something I love for over 365 days...

What blogging has done for me...

Starting a blog is something that has improved my confidence massively, and in many more ways than I could have imagined. I have always been a pretty confident person and I don't find it hard to talk to strangers, but the thought of starting a blog and exposing my personal life, my thoughts and feelings to the world is something that had kind of terrified me! A year later I can confirm that this really doesn't bother me, and I have received such amazing feedback from friends, family and other bloggers. I was always scared of sharing my blog on my personal Facebook account, but I am really glad I did as it has elicited such kind feedback and without it my confidence wouldn't have improved so greatly.

Why do I blog?

Ever since I have been young I have always loved documenting things. I love taking photographs and writing things down so I can look back on them. For example, the thought of having a really amazing trip or day out and not being able to remember it or have any photos to look back on actually terrifies me- I know I'm weird, but is anyone the same?! Combined with an unruly obsession with makeup and an absolute undying lust for travel, my blog is somewhere I come to release my creativity. I blog for me, myself and I, because it makes me happy. But the thought of someone else enjoying my blog posts means a lot to me.

Proud moments...

I never thought of my blog being a source of income, but in November of this year I was contacted by a company to work with them on a sponsored post. Not only was it a company that really interested me, but the fact that someone wanted to pay me a decent amount of money to write a blog post for them made me really happy and rather shell-shocked if I'm totally honest. It was nice to see that someone thought my content was worthy of investment. Money isn't a motive for me to do my blog, and I would continue it even if I knew I would never get sponsorships for the rest of my blogging life. However blogging takes a LOT of time and for someone to value my content enough to want to pay for it made me proud of my blog. I am always going to be open and honest about when I have been paid to do a blog post, and regardless of payment, all opinions are my own. Click here to view the sponsored post I published.

Aside from this I am currently very proud that I have been successfully partaking in Blogmas. Day 11 now, and it is fair to say that this blogging every day stuff is hard work, but I really do enjoy it and I am proud of myself for keeping up with it.

Best parts of blogging

The best parts of blogging are the friends I have met along the way. I have become really good friends with 4 girls from my hometown, some I knew already and some I didn't know. It is so nice that we all share the same hobbies and we can message each other over things that non-bloggers would think was silly or weird! So a massive shout out to Danie, Paige, Courtney and Jamie if you're reading. Making new friendships is something that is harder to do when you get older and it is lovely to have these girls in my life.

Again, the continued support and love I get from people in my personal life is another part I love about blogging. It definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

Any regrets?

As of yet, I have no real regrets regarding blogging. I did try and start a blog back in 2014/2015 time, and I gave up with that after one post and deleted that blog entirely. In a way, if I had any regrets, they would only be that I didn't start my blog back then. But it is what it is, and I am glad to have one now.

Future hopes... 

In all honesty, my dream would be to turn my blog and instagram into a full time job. I have realised though that in a world where this is the dream for many people, success in doing this is slim. Nevertheless, I really would love to continue my blog regardless of wherever life takes me.

Final words...

To those who have been reading, those who have been commenting and those who have been saying kind words to me, THANK YOU! The kindness in your words has brought me enough happiness to want to continue writing blog posts!

Holly xx

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  1. I’m so proud of you!! One year is an amazing achievement and I’ll be celebrating the same this time next year!! 😘❤️ xo

    1. Aww thank you so much Cally! You're so kind xx

  2. Great post! Congrats on reaching one year!! Can't wait to see more amazing content x

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