Blogmas Day 9- Winter Warmers...

The Christmas jumper... love it or hate it, everyone has got to own at least one... right? I am not a massive fan of Christmas jumpers purely because I'm not a huge fan of jumpers in general. I know it's weird, I've been told I'm weird for it, but I just overheat really easily and even more so in knitted jumpers. Some of these jumpers have definitely changed my mind though and I definitely want to purchase them!

'Happy Holly-Yays'- Pretty Little Thing- £20

It's not knitted, it's red, it's got my name on it... I LOVE IT! This is definitely the best thing I have ever seen but it's currently sold out in all sizes... sad times. I've got my eye closely on it. 

I adore this because it isn't in your face and loud and garish like a lot of Christmas jumpers are. You could definitely get away with wearing this after Christmas too I'd say!

'Jolly Holly' Sequinned Jumper- F&F (Tesco)- £16.00

Another namesake jumper for me- how cute is this! Another one sold out of most sizes online. I'll have to keep an eye out in the stores. I love grey as well it is so wearable!

Sequin Embellished Jumper- New Look- £19.99

I thought they couldn't get any better and they just have. I might have to buy this New Look number I found on ASOS as I love it so much!

'Sleigh My Name' Jumper- I Saw It First- £7.50 (on sale!) 

'Sleigh My Name' isn't that just the cutest most festive slogan you've ever heard. I love this jumper and huge bonus is that it is on sale on I Saw It First! 

I do like the 'Sleigh My Name' jumper, however, with my name being Holly I feel like I really need to find a Christmas jumper with Holly on it. I'll let you know if I buy one!

Holly xx

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  1. I'm not usually a fan of Christmas jumpers either, but i love the first one!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  2. sleigh my name is the best one lol! I got my first Christmas jumper this year (at the tender age of 22) lol

  3. All of these jumpers are so cute!! I love them all ❤️😍