My 21st Birthday!


I'm back with an ever so slightly belated birthday. My 21st was on the 3rd January and I feel so blessed, I had the most wonderful day and time surrounding it. In this post I'm going to let you know what I got up to, but also show you some of the amazing gifts I received.

On the day of my 21st, I was so lucky to be able to spend it with my mum, dad, brother and boyfriend. My mum and dad surprised me by taking us all to London and visiting the 'First Dates' restaurant otherwise known as the Paternoster Chop House. Since watching Channel 4's 'First Dates', I've always wanted to go here! The food was amazing and we had the greatest time. We also had drinks in a couple of bars too!

When we came home, I was even more shocked when the doorbell rang and lots of my family friends came over! We had a great time drinking the champagne. I had such a lovely time and to be surrounded by so many people that cared about spending my birthday with me meant the world! I am so glad I could spend the whole day with my family and my boyfriend.

Although my birthday was on a Wednesday, I also had a great weekend following it. My bestie Izzie came on the Friday and stayed with me over the weekend. On Friday night we met up with two of my lovely friends Danie and Courtney and went for food and drinks at the Slug and Lettuce. First of all there was more food than I could have imagined, which I am not complaining about! Also the slug is my favourite place for cocktails, so I had a great time!

On Saturday, me and Izzie went into London, where we went to the Sky Garden to take some pictures, and we also went for lunch at the Coppa Club Tower Bridge. Following this we went to The Alchemist, a bar I've always wanted to go to in London! I loved it here so much and we had so many cocktails. Their drinks are all like scientific reactions and they are so fun to watch being made- and of  course so nice to drink! The Alchemist has got to be one of my new favourite bars in London! When we came back, we went to the local casino with my family and friends. I made a £40 win, which isn't the best, but is much better than a loss! P.s. thanks to my brother's friend Michael for the wine!

On Sunday I chilled out mostly, but Danie and Courtney came round for a bit to drop round presents for me which was lovely of them!


I had the most amazing time, and I also received the most amazing presents! There is no way I'll be able to put them all on here, as this is already going to be a really long post, however I will put as many as I can, and appreciate every single gift and card I got, no matter how big or small!

From my parents this year I was massively spoilt, if you saw my 'What I got for Christmas' blog post then you'll see they bought me a MacBook. This was a joint present for Christmas and my birthday! On top of this they also took me for the meal at the restaurant, and booked for me to have a spa day at Champney's spa which I have yet to go on. They also bought me some more presents. Here they are:

Michael Kors Purse

My parents bought me this purse to match my Michael Kors bag that I received from my nan and my uncle. I love this purse as it is a classic piece, and the size of it is compact and perfect for those days when you don't want a massive bulky purse! I love this so much!

Pandora Ring

I had my eye on this ring from Pandora for a long time and was delighted to receive it from my parents! I love Pandora rings and have been wearing this one ever since I got it!

Hey Peachy Pyjamas

Ever since receiving a pair of these pyjamas for Christmas from my parents, I have had my eye on all the other pairs of Hey Peachy Pjyamas that are available on ASOS. I think this pair are so cute and was so happy to get these for my birthday. I am constantly need in of new pjs. 

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

This is by far my favourite setting powder, and as I was reluctant to repurchase it for myself, I had asked my mum to get it for me! I adore it.

My boyfriend Charlie went absolutely above and beyond this year with my birthday presents. He turned up at my house with a massive present that was as light as air and looked like this:

After unwrapping a lot of layers and finding a lot of photo clues, I finally found out that we were going to Rome on January 18th! I cried I was so happy, and now the thought that it is over makes me want to cry all over again!

Rome was so amazing! I don't want to give away any spoilers as I will be writing a blog post with all the photos very soon! Thank you to my boyfriend Charlie for spending my birthday with me and making it so special by taking me somewhere I have always always wanted to go- Rome!

Like I said earlier, my best friend Izzie spent the weekend following my birthday with me and I was so blessed and happy to spend this time with her! She also got me the most amazing gift and I am still in shock.

She got me a hot air balloon flight!!! I cannot explain how shocked I was to receive this! This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do! I am so so excited to go on this! Also look at this stunning bottle of prosecco she got me! Izzie I know you'll be reading- so thank you!

From my cousin, her husband and my goddaughter, I received some lovely presents. These are two of my favourite things. This pink Swarovski bracelet is so gorgeous. I love the fact it tightens as I have really small wrists! Also how cute is this personalised godmother mug with photos of me and Diellza! I adore it. The other presents they got me were wonderful also.

From my Nanna and my uncle I got this beautiful Michael Kors bag which I have been wanting for such a long time. To me this is a real classic piece that you can wear in the day and the night. It is also a really nice size and fits loads inside it! I also got a gift card for Boots from my uncle, and some flowers from the both of them!

Look how gorgeous these roses are, they lasted ages and were such good quality! 

My younger brother really spoilt me for my birthday and surprised me so much with the present that he got me! He got me this jacket from Nike. This is the sort of present I never would've picked for myself, but I absolutely love. I really like that it has no hood and I can't wait to wear it all the time. I think it will be especially perfect for the spring weather. 

I was super super spoilt by my lovely blogging friends Danie and Courtney! Over 2017 I have grown really close to these two, but never imagined they would get me such lovely presents. They got me the Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette Volume 2, which is right up my street. All these colours are completely me and I love them so much. I am so excited to get to using this properly! Also look at the lovely candle set they got me which will be perfect for my blog pictures. I am also really excited to use the rose sheet face mask, I adore face masks so much! 

From Annita, Steve, Matthew and Olivia I received this really gorgeous necklace. Annita drew this photo of me and Charlie which must have taken her such a long time and is done really well. I love it and love personal presents like that!

From Charlie's parents Liz and Andrew, I got this gorgeous bracelet. Again I really like this as you can push the bracelet to fit the size of your wrist. This is minimal and gorgeous and will go with any outfit! They also got me the most gorgeous Ted Baker keyring, which combines two things I love so much- Ted Baker and keyrings! They always get me the most lovely presents!

From my family friends Julie, Rob, Keely and Amelia, I got this Ralph Lauren bag. I love the pouch that comes with it so you can secure your money and keys. I think this bag would be great for the summer as well and I love it!

I was really spoilt by my mums best friend who gave me lots of money which I used in Rome. She also got me this lovely personalised cocktail glass which I love and can keep forever to remind me of my 21st! They also got me a bottle of champagne! Thank you so much Tracey, Leigh and Andrew!

From Clare, Tony, Ryan and Amy I got these beautiful presents! I love the quote as it is just so girly and cute! I can't wait to burn the candle as well!

From my auntie and uncle Wendy and Steve I got this mug which I can keep and says 21 on it! They also got me the champagne, a Costa gift card and lots of other small gifts which I love! 

From my family friends Tracy, Richard and Shannon I received this gorgeous bracelet. I love the blue in it which makes it different to other bracelets. I know that I will wear this a lot!!

From our family friends Caroline, Jurgen, Erin, Jenna and Guy, they got me a gift experience for two people. The great thing about this experience is that you can choose yourself what to do. I am excited to pick something to enjoy, and think this is such a good present to give to someone!

Also a huge thank you to my family and friends who got me gift cards as you haven't been forgotten at all and I really appreciate them! I cannot say thanks enough to those who spent time with me and sent me well wishes!

I had the best 21st!

Holly xx


  1. It looks like you had a fab birthday! The Michael Kors bag is such a classic.

  2. This all looks so fun, I love that you went to the First Dates restaurant - love that show!
    jenny x |

  3. Wow it sounds like you had an amazing birthday!! Those cocktails look incredible and all those lovely presents, you're so lucky! Pretty impressed with the golf prosecco aha happy belated 21st!

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