I am returning to my blog after the end of blogmas, if you haven't read all 24 posts, be sure to catch up on them! This post will make for my second 'what I got for Christmas' blog post, as I posted one last year also. As ever, I felt a little apprehensive about posting this, but it was something I really wanted to do. I am by no means bragging about what I got, and am sharing this post with my readers as I know that it is something people like to read. I hope you enjoy my post, even if it is a little belated. If you haven't read my "what I got for Christmas 2016" then click here.

One of my favourite presents I received has to be my Mac Book. I asked for this as a joint Christmas and 21st Birthday present. The reason I asked to receive it on Christmas Day is so that I had extra time to get it set up before I go back to university. I couldn't be happier with it and love it so much. I know that this will last me a long time and will aid me with my degree. I couldn't be more thankful to my parents for this, it is one of the best things I've ever received!

My boyfriend Charlie shocked my so much this year and completely aced my presents. The best thing he bought me by far is this Alpha Industries jacket. He chose so well as he knows I love coats and jackets so much, and my favourite colour to wear is red. I can't stop wearing this jacket and feel so lucky to have such a nice new piece in my wardrobe that I will always wear. If you can see from the pictures it is also reversible, to a really nice blue with stars on it!

He also got me these trainers that I had showed him I liked a while back. I have always loved Adidas gazelles and these grey ones are quite different. I am literally in love with them.

As if the presents couldn't get any better, Charlie also got me a DIOR LIPSTICK AND A BEAUTYBLENDER!!! Can you sense my excitement?! I love everything he got me and he knows me so well, I am very lucky.

My bestie Izzie knows me better than a lot of people and she knew how much I wanted the Jaclyn Hill palette after gifting her one for her birthday. I am so excited to use it and haven't even swatched it yet as I wanted to take pictures. I've also been dying for this Tanya Burr highlighter in the shade Champagne Sorbet. I've been resisting touching these products and have been saving them for pictures, I can't wait to try them out now properly.

In Charlie's family we did a secret Santa gift exchange. It turns out I had Vaida to buy for (his brother's partner) and she had me too! She bought me a Hugo Boss Jour perfume which I love and is one of my favourites as it is so long lasting and such a lovely scent. I have been wearing it all the time and have received so many compliments about it. She also got me a beautiful powder brush which you can see in the photos and a NYX lip trio! Something else she got me which I completely adore is a clutch bag- but like no other! This clutch bag has a portable charger built into it enabling you to charge your phone inside it! It also is lined so your cards are protected from identity theft. I think this is such an amazing idea and I will get so much use out of this. I can even use it as a purse inside a bigger bag!

The Soap and Glory star gift at Boots is something I had my eye on all through December, but for some reason I just didn't want to spend the money on buying it for myself when I had a lot to pay out for as I was still buying Christmas presents. The excitement when I opened this was real! Thanks to my brother for getting this for me.

Charlie's parents spoilt me like they always do and I am so thankful for what they got me! I had told Charlie I wanted this blue Barbie satin dressing gown from Missguided a while ago. I was so happy to receive it from Liz and Andrew and I love it so much. I do like cosy dressing gowns, but I hate getting too hot, this one will be perfect especially when it gets warmer. I love the Barbie Missguided range soooo much.

They also know my love for Ted Baker and got me a gorgeous TB card holder, and the cutest socks!

From my other best friend at uni Colette, she got me this gorgeous Pixi set. I have never tried any Pixi makeup, only their skin care which I love, so I am expecting good things! I am especially excited to try the highlighter!

I was also lucky enough to get this set of Pixi skincare things from my mum and dad. I don't know how my mum knew that I was running out of glow tonic, maybe she didn't but either way I am so happy to have another one! This has the glow tonic and glow mud cleanser in it, both of which I love!

My uncle got me a gift card for New Look which I am so thankful for, but I had to mention that he also got me this Molton Brown body wash in the shape of a bauble! I don't want to use it because it just looks so nice! Smells amazing too!

My cousin always gets me really nice gifts! One of the things she got me for Christmas this year was a jumper that says 'New York East Side' on it. As I just went to NYC in November, I am all things New York obsessed! I love this jumper, especially cos it's a sweatshirt material which is my favourite type of jumper to wear.

From my friends Annita and Steve I got this body wash set by Bayliss and Harding. It has a body wash, shower creme, hand cream and candle in it! I've never seen this collection by Bayliss and Harding before called 'The Fuzzy Duck', but I am looking forward to trying it. They also got me some bath bombs which look like macaroons. I've never ever tried a bath bomb before (I know I'm weird)!

From my mum and dad I also got this gorgeous pink furry scarf. I had pointed these out to my mum in Primark and so glad she got me one! I think this would look really nice with a black leather jacket!

From my family friends Julie and her family, I also received this lovely Ralph Lauren zip pouch. This would be perfect to use as a makeup bag in my opinion! I really love this!!

I was also overwhelmed by the cards, money, gift cards and presents that I received for Christmas, I got so many things I couldn't take a picture of them all, but I truly appreciate everything that I received!

If you enjoyed reading this post, please let me know- as my 21st birthday was on the 3rd January and I will also publish a 'what I got for my 21st birthday' if people would want to read it!

Holly xx


  1. Wow how lucky, you got so many lovely gifts! I especially love the red nasa jacket and cute Ted Baker socks!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post, I love seeing what people get for Christmas! x

  3. Incredible gifts! I'm so nosey and love to see what everyone got, so lovely that you got a Macbook :)
    jenny x | www.jennyrosee.com

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