A Morning at Saint Aymes

If you haven't realised, I have recently developed a love for going to gorgeous cafe's in London, and seeing Saint Aymes pop up on Instagram, it quickly went to the top of my list. Me and Izzie visited last Wednesday, and they were only in their third week of opening!

As I knew they were so newly open, I really wanted to visit the cafe before everyone and their mother went there! For example, when I went to Peggy Porschen, it was so lovely, but so overcrowded as it has become exceedingly popular amongst bloggers and the general public.

My experience at Saint Aymes was nothing short of spectacular. It is the most perfect spot from top to bottom for gorgeous photographs. The front of the cafe screams wisteria hysteria, and the inside boasts the most beautiful interior with stunning furniture and picturesque flower walls. I love being in London, and Saint Aymes reminds me why.

Luckily when we went it was very quiet, but we did see a couple of other bloggers in there taking photos- it is definitely the up and coming place to visit! I cannot express how wonderfully accommodating the staff are! They totally get the blogger vibe and even told us to rearrange the furniture if we liked. It really makes a difference going to a place where you can take pictures for your blog or Instagram and not feel like you're being judged.

Overall, I'm so happy I visited Saint Aymes, and if you're near Marble Arch/Hyde Park, you would be silly not to visit. Here are some photos from my day...

Dress: Pretty Little Thing on Asos
Boots: New Look

Holly xx


  1. You looked so cute and this cafe is gooorgeous. You did a great job with the pictures because now I wish I was there lol! How's the weather in London right now? I'm freezing over here.

  2. Holz! You gorgeous babe ❤️ you look nothing short of spectacular in these pics! 😍 you always find some of the cutest places to visit. Like I’m pretty sure you’re one person that makes me excited to visit London. This cafe is beautiful and I mean how cute are those pancakes 🥞 I always enjoy your posts, I’m glad you had a fab time beaut!

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

  3. This is such a lovely post Holly. You look absolutely stunning in all the pictures! We definitely need to go and visit some cafes!!! The pancakes look so delicious as well.
    The dress you're wearing is stunning! I might just have to buy it!
    Love, Cally xx

  4. I LOVE your dress! I think I'm going to have to give this cafe a visit, I love the flowers :) xxx

  5. THESE PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS! Love this post so much, and I really want to visit now!