Hey Peachy!

If you haven't already heard of Hey Peachy sleepwear, you are soooo late to the pyjama party!

Being a university student, and spending a lot of time in bed, I definitely spend a lot of time in my pyjamas. Before Christmas, admittedly I didn't really own a lot of my own pyjamas, I just wore my boyfriend's t-shirts and some shorts that I've collected from Primark over the years. Because of this I was so happy to receive pyjamas from my mum and dad for Christmas.

When I opened them I was so happy with them! I really dislike wearing long pyjamas to bed (I like them for lounging in) and I only ever wear short pyjamas. This is the pair that my mum had chosen out for me.

Can you see why I instantly fell in love with this brand!? How cute is this pyjama set! They are so soft and so comfortable. I am in love with the cute little 'dream on' illustration on the t-shirt!

Immediately I had to ask my mum where she purchased these- they were from ASOS! I went on my ASOS app and found that they had loads of different pyjamas on sale, as this is where Hey Peachy stocks their range!

I saw loads of pairs I adored on ASOS when I was browsing, but decided to buy this pair as they were on sale at the time for £10! 

Hey Peachy usually sell their short pyjama sets for about £23. I think that this is perfectly priced. The quality of the pyjamas is another reason I fell in love with the brand, and call me boring but they wash amazingly too!

And now for my third and final pair of Hey Peachy pyjamas! As my birthday is only 9 days after Christmas, you can guess another pair of these pyjamas were on my list! I ADORE this set, the peach shorts with the ruffle edge are so cute! This might have to be my favourite pair because they are just adorable!

Please take a minute to go over to Asos.com and browse the Hey Peachy sleepwear section! You can also follow them on Instagram via https://www.instagram.com/heypeachysleep/ 
They do lots of short pairs of pyjamas which I love, but they also do long sleeved pyjamas, night dresses and onesies too!

These are on my wish list... 

Like I said, be sure too check them out- they are my new obsession! 

Holly xx

P.S. This post is not paid or sponsored in any way, just sharing some love for a brand that I adore. 

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  1. Ahhhhh these are soooo cute i need these in my life!!!! Fab post as always babe!