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Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share my experiences on an amazing blogger event I had the privilege of attending on the evening of 23rd February at the Lush store in Watford!

First of all, as I'm a small blogger, being invited to any event is a massive deal for me! I love blogger events because it gives me a much better insight into a brand and an opportunity to meet other lovely people in the same industry as myself. The Lush event was both of these things, and I had such a great time! I was lucky enough to attend with my friends Izzie and Colette, so at least I knew people there!

#LushWatford Spring Celebration

The evening began with making our own bath bombs, which is something I'd never done before! I loved the experience and it was a great start to the event and definitely got us all laughing!

The girls working at Lush Watford made the evening the fabulous time that it was. Their knowledge on the products is impeccable and they told us everything we would ever want to know about a variety of different products they sell! We also got to see so many demonstrations of the products, they're all super pretty and smell divine!

Lush Watford was showcasing many new products, along with those that they had especially tailored towards Mothers Day, so if you're still on the search for a gift, I'd suggest nipping into your local Lush.

Whilst I was in there I did, of course, make a cheeky purchase! However, I walked away with a lot more than I expected to- they were so generous and gave us a really love bag full of goodies!

Here's everything that was inside... 
 (I bought the bubblegum lip scrub and 'what came first' bath bomb with my own money). Everything else was kindly gifted to me at the event by Lush Watford...

Lip Scrub: 
I've wanted to try out these lip scrubs for the longest time, so decided to buy the honey one at the event. Much to my delight I realised that in the goodie bag, they had gifted us a bubblegum lip scrub... hence I now have two!

These retail at £5.95 each if you are interested in buying them and I'm so excited for these to become newest my lip saviour.

'What came first' bath bomb:
After seeing a demonstration of this bath bomb at the event, I knew I had to buy it. The 'what came first' bath bomb is the perfect mix of luxury and fun in a bath bomb. You can 'crack it' on the side of your bath to reveal a smaller bath bomb inside. I purchased this at the event for £6.95!

Giant Rose Bombshell bath bomb:                      
I don't know if this picture does justice how absolutely huge this bath bomb is that came in the goodie bag kindly gifted to me by Lush Watford.

This retails at £14.95, and the Lush girls told us it has definitely sparked debate into whether giant bath bombs are worth it! I'd say they make lovely gifts and they are worth it in that sense, but I don't know if I'd buy a huge bath bomb myself. I cannot wait to treat myself to a relaxing bath and use this though!

Tender is the night- Naked Shower Gel
The naked shower gels, to me, are a really different and revolutionary product from Lush and something I had never heard of, but was really intrigued to discover. Like the name implies, the 'nakedness' of the shower gel means that all packaging that comes with a normal shower gel is limited. So this product is much more environmentally friendly! This one retails for £14.50, but I was lucky enough to find this in my goodie bag after the event!

Wash Behind Your Ears Shampoo 
Another product they gave us was the 'Wash Behind Your Ears' shampoo. This shampoo bar contains a lot of goodness such as carrot and lemon cleansing oils. It retails for £6.50 and again eliminates the need for any packaging like a regular shampoo bottle has- which is great!

Chamomile Lawn Soap
The chamomile lawn soap is one of the prettiest bar soaps I've ever seen! For £5.95 you can purchase this as well and it smells amazing!!

Boom!- £5.95
Last but not least I got some 'Boom!' which I was very intrigued by! Boom is a teeth whitening product which you chew on! This is definitely a product that I didn't know Lush sold!

I want to say a massive thank you to Lush Watford for having me at the event! I had so much fun and learnt so much about the brand that I definitely didn't know!


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