Go For Green!

I have phases where I absolutely adore wearing certain colours. I obsess over these colours, and I want every item of clothing I own in that colour. Over winter it was red, which I still love wearing... but now I've completely fallen in love with green!

Recently I purchased a beautiful long sleeved green dress from New Look, and maybe this is where my obsession began. But for some reason when I am looking at clothes online, I always seem to select the filter that shows green only- safe to say I'm obsessed. Here is the dress that made me fall in love with wearing green! Click here to see it on their website.

Since buying this dress, I have been on the search for more bits on the high street that give me these gorgeous green vibes! I've found a few pieces that are definitely on my 'to-buy' list...

  1. Pretty Little Thing- £28- Absolutely in love with this dress, would make a perfect dress for a night out with some strappy heels!
  2. River Island- Was £18 now £7- I've actually wanted this top for ages but didn't want to spend £18 on it! I've just realised when finding the link for this blog post, that it's now on sale for £7 and I've ordered it right away! Total bargain! I know I will get plenty of wear out of it considering it's never warm in England!
  3. Betsey Johnson- £20- These are so cute and I'm just in love with them! Green star studs!
  4. New Look- This bag is so sweet but I think they have stopped selling it! However they have a really similar one on their website which is lovely.
  5. River Island- £30- Again, I've had to find a similar one, but the one I've linked I actually prefer. You can't go wrong with a River Island bag!
  6. River Island- £36- If you can't tell, River Island are all about the green at the moment which I am not mad about! I'm not a high heel person as I am super tall, but I'd wear these.
  7. River Island- £46- Every time I see this dress I fall in love with it all over again! I'm just imagining wearing it during summer whilst on holiday with a tan! This might have to be a future purchase!
  8. Public Desire- £39.99- These sock boots are the cutest!
  9. House of CB- £69- If you want a bit of a more luxurious green piece in your wardrobe... I've been lusting over this vegan leather skirt by House of CB- just beautiful!

Is it just me that is obsessed with wearing certain colours? Which colours are your favourite to wear...?

Holly xx


  1. WOW girllll you really pull off the greens! I am trying to venture out and wear more colours this spring and summer, so thank you for the dress suggestions xx


  2. Aah green is my favourite colour but I really don't think I could pull it off like you do!
    jenny x | www.jennyrosee.com

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  4. I love this colour and print. I think it really suits you! My go to colours are green and red. Christmas colours ��I love all the items on your 'to buy list'