What I got for my 22nd Birthday!

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a slightly belated 'what I got for my 22nd birthday' blog post! I turned 22 on the 3rd January. 

I seem to have started a tradition on my blog, where I share with you all the amazing presents I've received. I do this because I know people love to see this type of post, but also I take it as a chance to show my gratitude for all the love and well wishes I received on my birthday! So to anyone who wished me a happy birthday, sent me a message, card or present- thank you so much!

With that said, I am going to jump right into showing you all of the amazing presents that I received, which like I said, I am extremely grateful for! 

Apple AirPods-

The main present I received on my birthday from my parents was the Apple AirPods, which I had asked for and wanted for a long time. Say what you want about AirPods, but I think that they're bloody amazing! They're so versatile to use, I love using them when I'm out walking, or chilling in bed. Considering I have long hair which covers them, it doesn't bother me that they look a bit strange hanging out of my ears! I love them and they are of course one of my favourite birthday presents.

Paco Rabanne- Lady Million Perfume 50ml-

My mum and dad also got me one of my most favourite perfumes, which is the Paco Rabanne Lady Million. This has been one of my favourite scents for as long as I could remember, and I had completely run out. I'm so glad to have it back in my collection again.

Carolina Hererra- Good Girl Perfume 50ml Gift Set-

Receiving this fragrance set from my parents for my birthday was an absolute dream. I've wanted this fragrance for so long, since buying it for my mum for her birthday last August. It is such a unique and elegant scent and the fact it has come in a gift set makes it that much more special. It is in the most beautiful box with luxurious red interior. Inside is the 50ml perfume and the Good Girl 'Leg Elixir'. The elixir is a beautiful scented shimmering oil, which will be perfect for holidays or when I have a tan. I can't believe it retails for £36 (the elixir), so it was definitely worth it to get it in this set!

Benefit- Superstar Collection-

I pointed out this set to my mum around Christmas time because I couldn't believe how amazing value for money it was! Inside this set you get two full size products (Hoola Bronzer and Bad Gal Bang mascara), along with other miniature products. Hoola is one of my favourites and I needed a new one, and I've been using the mascara the whole of January and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm really excited to try the other bits in this collection too such as the primer and the eyebrow product. Benefit products always get a high rating from me.

Next Pyjamas-

Something I am always in dire need of is new pyjamas, as I always seem to wear a combination of old shorts and Charlies t-shirts haha. I love these two pairs from Next that my parents got me for my birthday. The top saying 'this girl needs more pyjamas' made me laugh, because it is so true!

Swarovski Swan Necklace-

My main present from Charlie this year was our trip to Budapest which was joint with my Christmas present, which I discussed on my previous blog post. However, something else he gave me was to unwrap on my birthday and it was this beautiful swan necklace from Swarovski. I have had my heart set on this for as long as I can remember, and we bought it when we went to Birmingham together at the beginning of December. I had to wait until my birthday to have it, but it is the most beautiful elegant necklace ever. I adore it so much and wear it all of the time.

Mean Girls Spectrum Set- 

Something I have needed for ages now is new makeup brushes, especially face brushes, and I was really happy to receive these for my birthday from my brother Luke. I can't even bring myself to use them yet because they're so clean and soft. I love the pouch they come with too. He also got me an ASOS voucher, which I have already spent- shock!

Pixi Tonic Trio-

Luke's girlfriend Lucy got me the cutest gift ever- a trio of miniature Pixi face tonics. I've only ever tried the coveted 'glow tonic' before and it's one on my favourites, so I was really excited to try the others. At the moment I am using the 'rose tonic' and it is so lovely. It really helps to reduce the redness on your skin- which is something I need. I love these and they'll be great for travelling with as well.

Godmother Charm- 
One of the sweetest and most personalised presents I got was from my goddaughter Diellza, and it is this lovely Pandora charm which was engraved to say 'fabulous godmother'. I love this and can add it on to my Pandora bracelet which I wear all the time. From my cousin Danni and her husband Ylli, they also got me a Topshop voucher, which I was so thankful for as I love buying new Topshop jeans.

Michael Kors Gloves- 

From my friends Julie, Rob, Keely & Amelia, I received these really nice Michael Kors gloves. These will be so handy (pardon the pun lol) especially as it is literally freezing over these winter months. I don't think I've ever owned such a fancy pair of gloves and I love them.

Hat & Glove Set- 

From my friends Caroline, Jurgen, Erin, Jenna & Guy I received this lovely wooly hat and gloves set from Marks and Spencers, another present that will definitely keep me warm during the cold winter period. They also gave me some money which I am incredibly thankful for as I can treat myself with it!

Ted Baker makeup bags, nail polishes, pink gin and phone case-

My best friend Izzie completely spoilt me with the birthday gifts this year (as she always does)! Firstly, she got me the most beautiful Ted Baker makeup bags. They're a gorgeous grey colour with a floral design and I love them. The two different sizes will be great for storing makeup in and brushes. She also got me a Ted Baker nail polish set. This is great because all the colours are extremely wearable and I'll get loads of use out of them.
Izzie also got me a bottle of pink gin, because it is my absolute favourite. And to top it off she got me the most fabulous gin and tonic phone case from Skinny Dip... which just sums me up because I do love a good G&T! All the gifts she gave me were so lovely and thoughtful, she knows me so well.

Ted Baker earrings, laptop case and photo frame- 

Two other people who know me well and always buy me the loveliest of gifts are Charlie's parents Liz and Andrew. For my birthday they got me wonderful presents which I love. One of them being a pair of rose gold love heart-shaped Ted Baker earrings, which are such a pretty accessory and are my favourite brand! They also got me a laptop case which is something I have needed for well over a year and have never bought myself, it is something I now use every day and is such a handy present. They also got me a lovely photo frame, which I am going to find a nice picture of me and Charlie and put it on there.

The Million Dollar Blog-

From my friends Annita, Steve, Olivia and Matthew I got this book called 'the million dollar blog'. I was really delighted to receive this because I have never owned a blog that is blog-related before. Once I am done with my degree and have more time on my hands, I am really excited to throw myself into blogging and I know this book will give me a lot of tips and tricks that I need. Therefore, this made a really fab present and I love it.

Hug mug set, Kendall& Kylie Keyring and Gold G&Tea- 

Me and my work bestie Gemma exchanged birthday presents this year because our birthdays are only one day apart. We had always laughed at the two best friend mugs hugging whilst we were at work, so she got me them for a birthday present which absolutely cracked me up. She also got me a Kendall and Kylie keyring, and a delicious looking gold infused gin from Marks and Spencer which I cannot wait to try.

La Tresor Nuit- Lancome 50ml Perfume & Prosecco- 

From my girl Chelsea, she got me the most gorgeous Lancome perfume. This is such a lovely scent and definitely a great one to add to my growing perfume collection. She definitely spoilt me with the gifts, as she also got me a bottle of prosecco as well- my kind of present! Such lovely gifts which I am so grateful for!

Rose gold lamp and silver star necklace-

From my gal Colette, she gave me two really nice gifts. She gave me this rose gold lamp, which is so different and nothing like I've ever seen before- I love it so much and it's actually one of my favourite things I've ever received because its so useful and cute! She also got me a silver necklace with a star on which is fab because I love silver jewellery and wear it all the time! What is great about the lamp is that it is battery powered, which is so convenient as you don't need to put it anywhere near a plug.

Bottle of prosecco- 

My brother from another mother (and father lol), Michael, got me this bottle of prosecco for my birthday which is great because in my opinion you can never ever have enough prosecco in your life!

I am so grateful for all the presents I received, they are all so thoughtful and really show the love I have from my friends and family. I also want to say a massive thank you to my Nanna who gave me money and to my uncle Richard who gave me an ASOS gift card. I also want to say thank you to Vicki, Alan, Amber and Ruby for my Topshop gift card, Tracey, Leigh and Andrew for the money and my Great Auntie Daph for the money. I'm really hoping that I haven't forgotten anyone, and if I have, I am deeply sorry because I am so forgetful!

Another birthday has gone, in a way it sucks having my birthday so near to Christmas, as now I've got to practically wait another year until having them both again... but never mind!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'll be back in February with a couple of new posts for you!

All the best,

Holly xx

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