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I've always been an avid fan of false eyelashes. I've converted many friends over the years to using them and they've always agreed with me that they love how a fabulous pair of false lashes can really complete your makeup look.

Despite my love for a good pair of falsies, I've never dared to steer out of my comfort zone and try a more dramatic and fluttery pair. I've always wanted to try a fuller, longer and thicker pair of lashes, but being a creature of habit, every time I pop into Boots or Superdrug, I stick to the two same styles that I know and love.

However, I was recently contacted by , which happens to be a shop I've used to buy lots of lashes in the past, and asked if I was interested in trying some of the Doll Beauty lashes. Of course I jumped at the chance! I've always longingly stared at the Doll Beauty lashes on display in my local Topshop, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to see if they lived up to the hype!

*This blog post contains gifted items and paid content*

My lashes arrived just in time for Valentines Day- how perfect! I was planning on going out for a meal, and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out! I was delighted to have received three gorgeous pairs of the Doll Beauty lashes to try in the styles Grace, Kimberley and Eva, alongside a Lash Applicator Tool and Duo Lash Glue (my favourite)!

Applying the lashes was super easy, and I can't believe how much I loved wearing them. I tried out the 'Grace' style for my Valentines meal with my boyfriend, and I just loved them so much. I also discovered you can wear a pair of Doll Beauty Lashes up to 20 times, they're incredibly good value for money.

I really wouldn't be writing about these lashes unless I truly loved them, and I really really love these. Considering I'm so fussy about the false eyelashes I usually buy, I'm already excited to wear them again this weekend. They were super comfortable to wear, stayed glued to my eye, thanks to the Duo glue, and were incredibly easy to apply due to the applicator tool. They have a super luxe feel and they're faux mink - result!

If you're thinking of purchasing some new falsies, I'd 100% recommend the gorgeous Doll Beauty lashes available on!

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